September 19, 2016

Signs of True Repentance

What are some of the signs of true repentance?

1. The person will take personal responsibility for the wrongs without excusing or blaming someone or something else.

2. The person will take the initiative in healing your relationship. It won’t be you doing all the talking and pursuing.

3. The person’s behavior will match the words.

4. The person’s demeanor will be humble and broken.

5. The person’s level of defensiveness will be significantly reduced and the person will be approachable.

6. The person will have a desire to hear your truth.

7. The person will have remorse for how you have been affected by the problems.

8. The person will make a commitment to do whatever it takes to really change and begin doing it.

9. The person will have a long-term plan that supports the changes that have to be made.

10. The person will apologize when “slips” occur and old behavior surfaces. These slips should become less frequent over time.

Hat Tip: Karla Downing

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