April 11, 2014

Mine For A While by Corina DeVries

Mine For A While by Corina DeVries

Not by birth
By God's knowing design
A child of hers
For a while is mine
You test, you push
Break every rule
Then flash that smile
Your greatest tool
You make me think
In a different way
My son of hers
Who will never stay
I show you how
To sing and to cry
You teach me what
I can do if I try
I've watched you learn
How to say no
And I'm learning how
To let you go
I have felt your pain
And cried your tears
Laughed with you
And faced some fears
You have added a new
Dimension to me
And become a part
Of my family
Dear child of mine
I give to you
My heart and soul
My conscience too
You take my love
And let it grow
Pass it on
Wherever you go
And when you
Become a man
Remember me
And take a stand
To help another
Child along
So he can also
Grow up strong

A child of His, mine for a while....

April 10, 2014

Welcome to Middle School!

Remember a long, long, very long time ago when Fiona had Kindergarten Roundup? Well…now it’s time for “Welcome to Middle School Night” new student presentation and registration for the 2014 school year. Time flies when you’re busy raising the next generation. I’m excited for Fiona and in awe of her because I know she will do very well in Middle School.

April 3, 2014

I'm tired of the negative stigma associated with mental illness

I’m tired of the negative stigma associated with mental illness. The stigma is so bad that people are afraid to take the much needed medications that can help make all the difference. People are afraid to admit there’s a problem or they are uncomfortable seeking treatment/therapy because of what it will do their reputation. It’s frustrating to me that a person can have a heart condition, thyroid problem, or diabetes but when it comes to the brain getting sick we as a society look the other way. In the civilian world the stigma associated with mental illness is pretty big. In the military it’s even bigger. You don’t want to get me started on the negative stigma associated with mental illness in the church. That’s a whole other ball of wax I don’t have time for! Mental health care is at the bottom of the barrel in this country and it ought not be this way.