January 31, 2014

The Scale is Not My Friend

My scale is going in the WRONG direction! This is not a good thing. Today I am adding 5 marbles to the WRONG marble jar. Ugh.

My fitness ticker doesn’t change because I haven’t lost any weight! You’ll know when I start making progress because my ticker will update automatically as I weigh in each Friday.

Why do I weigh in on Fridays? Because I try to cut myself some slack due to the fact that I don’t always make the best food choices over the weekend.

Don put our treadmill in the play room until our basement repairs are complete; so, I can now add C25K back to my workout routine. I am VERY happy about that because it is too cold to walk/jog outside and going to the community center these days is not an option.

In spite of my scale taking a turn for the worst I am feeling good about myself. I have been lifting weights and have incorporated strength training into my routine. My clothes are starting to feel bigger and I’m beginning to feel stronger.

If all else fails and I’m unable to get the pounds off at least my heart is getting a good workout, right?

January 29, 2014

Hooks In Unhealthy Relationships

"No matter how closely intertwined your life is with someone else, you are still both separate people with the right to have your own thoughts, opinions, needs, feelings, and choices. When you lose the right and/or ability to have those things, you are in an unhealthy relationship."

"Recognize the hooks that people use to get you to do what they want: fear, guilt, self-pity, helplessness, anger, threats, blame, tears, or Scripture. They also use these things to get you to doubt yourself, back down from your truth and accept theirs over yours, as well as to make you feel responsible for their stuff. What are the hooks your difficult person uses?"

By Karla Downing

January 27, 2014

Damage from Frozen Pipe Burst

It’s a good thing Don works from home and heard the break right about the time the pipe started leaking. The pipe is already repaired and the water mitigation team got to work pretty quickly. All things said and done it could have been really bad had everything gone unnoticed.

The water mitigation team tore out the entire wall, everything around the window, and had to cut up into the ceiling. There was a lot of wet insulation. They may have to rip up the carpet, too. It just depends on what the water mitigation team finds when they come back to inspect the drying process.

This all went down on Friday. Once everything was tore up they set up big snail dryers that blew all weekend drying everything out. We are grateful for our homeowners insurance which will cover this repair.

The only downside to all of this is we have to put any possible foster care placements on hold until repairs are completed. Hopefully the repair process will not take too long.

The knuckleheads didn't finish our basement correctly.
The insulation around the junction was all wrong. 

This is what you do NOT want your pipes to do.

January 23, 2014

We Received Wonderful News

On December 30th Don and I received some wonderful news. As of that day we became licensed foster parents! We made the announcement on facebook and I was overwhelmed at the response: 115 likes and 33 heartfelt comments of encouragement from family and friends.

Since that day we have been praying about who God will bring to our family. We are not in a hurry because we know we can count on God’s timing. We are praying for His will to be done in all of it. We just want to make a difference.

We’ve had two phone calls so far. The first phone call was for two siblings smaller than Kinsley. We got the call about a week ago, listened to the message, and called back five minutes later to find out they had already been placed. That was fast! We are okay with it though because we want to start out with one child, not two. But, we are keeping an open mind as the scenarios are presented.

The second phone call came yesterday for a kiddo three years younger than Kinsley. I got the run-down on the phone and accepted this placement because it seemed this little one would fit right into our family. We were told an attempt was being made to find relatives first and that we’d be hearing from the state soon. An hour or so later we were told other arrangements had been made. We are totally okay with this. From what I understand this happens a lot. No problem.

One thing I forgot to ask on the telephone is whether or not the kiddo was in pre-school or kindergarten. I will have to remember to ask that question next time.

The other thing we learned is if we have a Wednesday placement we’ll be juggling around youth activities at church. I think it’s better for our whole family to be home together the first time a kiddo comes to live with us. We’ll just have to catch up with youth activities the following week if a kiddo comes to our home for the first time on a Wednesday.

It's good to know the state makes every effort to try and find relatives first. That makes me feel better for the kiddo. I’m sure they would feel more at ease with a relative than with people who they have never met. I can’t imagine how scared they must be when CPS steps in and takes them out of their home.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

How Great Is Our God!

Our God is worthy of ALL praise and no one will ever tell me where, when, or how I will worship Him.