October 8, 2014

Fevers, Flu Shots, and Mammogram Fun

No, 103.6 degrees of fever doesn’t make anyone a happy camper. I am grateful it’s not pneumonia all over again. Fiona was hospitalized when she was a kindergartner because of her oxygen levels. Yesterday her oxygen level was at 98%. That’s nothing to snivel at when you’re burning up. Her cell count indicated bacterial versus viral so she is good to go with an antibiotic. She just can’t be in school right now. She prefers her bed at this point. I’m predicting she’ll be back on track by Friday. Just in time to get all of her missed assignments so she can get herself caught up in time to enjoy the weekend.

Kinsley on the other hand has a different kind of sick. She had a fever but not quite as bad as her sister’s. We decided to stick with her doc appointment today instead of forcing her to be seen yesterday because she just wasn’t suffering as much as Fiona. A swab confirmed no strep but there was something going on with her throat. Back to CVS we go to pick up another antibiotic. She’ll be headed back to school in the morning.

All that’s left to do is to clean this house, Lysol all the doorknobs, and make the kids wash their hands as much as possible. I’m content with the fact that no one is coughing up a storm otherwise we’d be sporting those cute little blue masks you can pick up at your local urgent care clinics. Now if I could convince my girls not to be so huggy at school we’d be good to go! Seriously, keep your distance, wash your hands and you don’t have to be so huggy with your friends all the time.

Tomorrow is going to be just a tad bit crazy. I have my 6 month follow-up mammogram. I’m hoping this is the last one and I can go back to the once-yearly routine. I want to get in there, take the x-rays, and have the doctor tell me everything is going to be okay. Yep, that’s my preference – I think I’ll go with that!

Later on in the day we have our family flu shot appointment. Everyone in this house is getting a flu shot including Don. Ever since I contracted swine flu five years ago, I am a firm believer in preventing these horrible illnesses. Don doesn’t normally get the flu shot but now that we are exposed to people we don’t know we thought it might be a good idea. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You just never know – ya know?

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