June 6, 2014

I Finished Reading the Old Testament

I finished reading the Old Testament two days ago. It only took me a year and some change to complete my reading. It feels good that I finally accomplished what I set out to do. I’ve read through the New Testament plenty of times but not the Old Testament. Today begins my New Testament reading.

I’ve been using the YouVersion Bible App on my mobile phone to read and look up passages in The Bible. I have lots of free versions downloaded on my phone too: NIV, ESV, NLT, MSG, and KJV. The plan I use on YouVersion to read through The Bible is called: Eat this Book – One Year Bible with Daily Psalm. I absolutely LOVE IT!

One of my favorite features of the Eat this Book – One Year Bible with Daily Psalm is that if I fall behind in my reading on the calendar I can use a button called “Catch Me Up” in the settings and it will literally catch me up if I need that! You don’t have to feel guilty for missing a day or two of your reading when life happens.

I am excited to begin reading the New Testament today. I will probably read ahead whenever I have the extra time to do so. Sometimes if I run into a verse that tugs at my heart strings I will share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and on my Bible Blog: Stretching My Faith. Yes, I have a Bible Blog. It’s MY personal online journey through The Bible.

It’s summertime and it’s really nice to be able to take my Bible with me on my device. I can read it from anywhere and share verses any way that I choose. Did you know that is a form of worship? The Bible says that the Good News will be spread in every language and I believe that includes Social Networking.

Well, that’s all I have for now on The Bible-front. It just feels really good to complete something on my own and to spend time in God’s Holy Word. God is good ALL the time and I hope you have a blessed summer. I know I will!

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  1. Do you want to join up on YouVersion? You can add friends now. I like seeing what others are highlighting. I'm on there as BeckiYagh if you want to search me :):):)

    You are awesome!

  2. Of course I do! I will look for you right now! I have never highlighted anything I don't think? I ought to do that while I'm reading the NT.

    You're pretty awesome yourself! :)

  3. It's pretty cool to be able to share highlights and bookmarks and even notes if you want to. I love it. I still use my paper Bible more just because I do, but I love YouVersion for just what you said: you can read it anywhere.

    I have a book that I want to send you when I'm done. It's a daily devotional and it's so humorous. I read it while I drink my tea in the morning. It's not a deep Bible study, just a daily bit to get you thinking as a mom. I have a couple more weeks left and then I'm going to send it your way :):):)

  4. Yay!!! I can't wait too check it out! Thank you for sending your devotional my way. It sounds like something I will really enjoy.

    When we bookmark, highlight, or write a note will our friend connections be notified? Can we have discussions on there?

  5. If you go to the main "Home" feed on the app you will see all of the bookmarks and highlights. You can comment and discussed just like you can with a Facebook post. For notes you can choose to keep them private or share with friends. Friends also see when you complete a day in your current Bible study.

    And you're welcome :-)


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