April 11, 2014

Mine For A While by Corina DeVries

Mine For A While by Corina DeVries

Not by birth
By God's knowing design
A child of hers
For a while is mine
You test, you push
Break every rule
Then flash that smile
Your greatest tool
You make me think
In a different way
My son of hers
Who will never stay
I show you how
To sing and to cry
You teach me what
I can do if I try
I've watched you learn
How to say no
And I'm learning how
To let you go
I have felt your pain
And cried your tears
Laughed with you
And faced some fears
You have added a new
Dimension to me
And become a part
Of my family
Dear child of mine
I give to you
My heart and soul
My conscience too
You take my love
And let it grow
Pass it on
Wherever you go
And when you
Become a man
Remember me
And take a stand
To help another
Child along
So he can also
Grow up strong

A child of His, mine for a while....

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