March 1, 2014

Friend to Friend

May happiness
always live in your heart 
the way your friendship
will always live in mine. 

Happy Birthday

I received this card from a dear friend in the mail the other day. What a lovely surprise. The scan doesn’t do the card justice. It’s beautiful with lavender and slick shiny lavender hearts. The handwritten inscription blessed me in ways I haven’t been able to feel in a very long time.

This is what I LOVE about blogging and social networking. I have made some wonderful lifelong friends. My friend is one of those authentic beautiful human beings who is unafraid to speak her mind, sincere, loyal, loving, witty, truthful and an amazingly honest encouraging presence in my life.

Thank you, Becki! Thank you for making my Birthday special. Thank you so much for being in my life and for your friendship. I just LOVE you!! xxoo


  1. Hey now, it's your birthday and I'm sitting here tearing up and feeling blessed :-)

    I just love you, too! Your friendship is a big part of my life.

  2. I am grateful and blessed by our friendship! Love You!! XXOO


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