January 27, 2014

Damage from Frozen Pipe Burst

It’s a good thing Don works from home and heard the break right about the time the pipe started leaking. The pipe is already repaired and the water mitigation team got to work pretty quickly. All things said and done it could have been really bad had everything gone unnoticed.

The water mitigation team tore out the entire wall, everything around the window, and had to cut up into the ceiling. There was a lot of wet insulation. They may have to rip up the carpet, too. It just depends on what the water mitigation team finds when they come back to inspect the drying process.

This all went down on Friday. Once everything was tore up they set up big snail dryers that blew all weekend drying everything out. We are grateful for our homeowners insurance which will cover this repair.

The only downside to all of this is we have to put any possible foster care placements on hold until repairs are completed. Hopefully the repair process will not take too long.

The knuckleheads didn't finish our basement correctly.
The insulation around the junction was all wrong. 

This is what you do NOT want your pipes to do.

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