June 28, 2013

Fortune Cookies

These were our fortune cookies we opened yesterday. The interesting part is that each one fits us to a T! Can you guess which one is mine, Don, Fiona or Kinsley’s?

June 24, 2013

Catch My Breath

Addicted to the love I found
Heavy heart, now a weightless cloud
Making time for the ones that count
I'll spend the rest of my time
Laughing hard with the windows down
Leaving footprints all over town
Keeping faith, karma comes around
I will spend the rest of my life

June 10, 2013

Twelve Years and Counting!!!

Yesterday was our twelve year wedding anniversary. Marrying my best friend was the best decision I ever made!!! Twelve years and counting!!! The best is yet to come!!! Thanks be to God for all our many wonderful blessings.

June 6, 2013

Detach from Other People's Moods

You must be able to detach from other people’s moods in order to take care of yourself in relationships. People can use their moods to control you: to make you feel guilty, to make you feel responsible for them, to make you do what they want, and to keep you from taking care of yourself and living your life.

Here are some comments from people who have allowed others to determine their moods:

“My mood is directly related to everyone else’s mood. I find it hard to be happy when anyone in my family is unhappy, and the sad part is that I am naturally a happy go lucky person!”

“When my spouse is in a bad mood, I ask him what is wrong. He usually says ‘Nothing.’ Then I get in a bad mood because I know something is wrong and then he tells me that his bad mood is my fault and I question myself and wonder if I really did cause him to be miserable. It’s a vicious cycle.”

Moods are particularly difficult to detach from unless you really grasp this concept. When other people are unhappy, pouting, self-pitying, angry, frustrated, or just plain miserable, it is because of how they are handling their own emotions. They can try to blame it on you, but you don't have to accept it because you didn’t cause it, and it isn’t your problem to fix. They can CHOOSE to feel and behave a different way, and it is their responsibility to do so. You can stay detached, choose to feel how you feel apart from the mood and set boundaries if needed.

Detaching from other people’s moods is the only way you can take care of yourself and not fall into the trap of becoming moody yourself.

When someone is in a "mood," it is important to remember that you didn't cause it, you don't have to fix it, and you don't have to argue with it. You don't have to be in a "mood" yourself either. Have a good day by detaching from other people’s moods.

By Karla Downing

June 3, 2013

Spent the Afternoon with My Daughter

It's good to have one-on-one time with each child. I think sometimes they crave that and I think it's so important to do that when the opportunity presents itself. Kinsley wanted to stay home and play video games with her Daddy so Fiona and I decided to get on our bikes and ride on over to the track. 

We grabbed our water bottles, our mp3 players, a knapsack, our bikes and we left on a little adventure. We rode to the track. Once there we ran/walked for a little while. Later, Fiona brought her bike inside of the track and rode laps. I ran/walked 12 laps around the track. During this process we laughed, talked, ran, smiled, giggled, and just enjoyed each other's company. 

Later, another Mom came with her kids who decided to run laps around the track. Her toddler was practicing learning to ride his bike. The Mom, well, she decided to skate 3 miles around the track. She had her rollers skates with her! How FUN is THAT? It makes me want to go pick up some rollers skates, knee pads, and a helmet so I can get my skating on! What a great inner thigh workout!

Anyway, when we were done with our mother/daughter gab fest we decided to ride our bikes home. Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves. Maybe Kinsley will want to come with us next time. But for now, I will relish the one-on-one time I get to have when I get it. 

Vegetable Plants and Perennials


Sunfire Coreopsis


Ice Plant

Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower

Yesterday we went to Lowe's and picked up some vegetable plants for our vegetable garden as well as some perennials for our flower bed. The girls helped plant, fertilize and water them. We found lots of grub eggs when we were turning over the soil. Yuck!! We planted a few annuals in the flower pot out front, too. I hope the rabbits will leave them alone.  

Isn't She Cute?

Reading and Swimming this Summer

Got the kids all signed up for swimming lessons! This year our city changed their swimming program so sign-ups occurred pretty quickly in May. As a result of slots filling up so quickly we will be participating in swim lessons next month at a different location. The kids are excited about checking out the new place. I'm excited about that, too. 

We are also looking forward to hanging out at our favorite summer swimming spot. Lots of great people and it's never crowded even on a Saturday. I made a new friend there last summer and am looking forward to seeing her and her husband again. He's a professor at one of the Universities so it's always fun talking to them about the latest in education. Many of Fiona's friends from school plan to go swimming at this location so we are very happy about that, too.

In addition to swimming we are all set to read this summer. I got the girls signed up for the summer reading program through the city and we plan to participate in the summer reading program at their school. Every Tues, Wed, Thurs there will be an activity at their school library. They can check out books, participating in an activity, and choose free books to keep for their very own. I think the neighbor kids are going to tag along in the mornings. It will be a fun time for all. 

Shasta Daisies

I planted these Shasta Daisies last summer and they decided to come back! This is great news for me because I know these will work out on the front side of our house. This year I plan to take the seeds from this plant to try and keep it going in other areas of the flower bed. 

Good Advice