March 26, 2013

10 On Tues: Candy Crush Saga

1. Candy Crush Saga is super fun.

2. Candy Crush Saga is super irritating.

3. Candy Crush Saga is a great puzzle adventure.

4. Candy Crush Saga characters are cute-to-boot.

5. I’ve been to Candy Town, Candy Factory, and Lemonade Lake.

6. Now I need a ticket to get on a plane.

7. I cannot connect to Facebook. I gave it up for lent – Hello!?

8. I can’t afford to pay $.99 to come on board.

9. I want to keep playing this game – ACK!?

10. And now I’m craving Gobstoppers!?

March 25, 2013

Panda Express Quote

Wise men learn more from fools, than fools from the wise.
~Panda Express

March 20, 2013

Kids Choice Awards

Fiona: Guess who is going to be on the Kids Choice Awards?

me: Who?

Fiona: Christina Aguilera

me: Oh, that's nice.

Fiona: Hope she wears something appropriate!!!

Fiona: I wonder if she knows kids will be sitting in the audience?

me: I think she will.

Fiona: I hope!!! Because she didn't do that on The Voice.

me: True.

March 14, 2013

I will walk by faith even when I cannot see. Because this broken road prepares Your will for me.

I didn't cause toxic behavior. I can't control it. And I can't cure it. I can continue to struggle and lose. Or I can accept that I am powerless over toxic people and toxic behavior, and let God help me to redirect the energy I've spent on fighting this problem into recovering from its effects. It's not easy to watch people I love continue to behave poorly, but I can do nothing to stop them.

"I will walk by faith even when I cannot see. Because this broken road prepares Your will for me." ~Jeremy Camp

March 13, 2013

Phil Robertson - To Fans of Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson - Deciding to Follow Jesus

Phil Robertson - How It All Started

Protect the Wealth of Mental Health

Thankfully, it's never too late to learn. Here are five simple prescriptions for the maintenance of mental and emotional health:

  • Assert yourself: No one can respond to what you don't say. 
  • Be teachable: The ignorance you won't admit will catch up with you. 
  • Find confidants: Friends double your joys and divide your sorrows. 
  • Contribute something: Takers end up empty-handed. 
  • Live today: Anyone can be strong for twenty-four hours.

Simple daily disciplines can protect the wealth of mental health. 

John Locke Quote

A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world. ~John Locke

March 12, 2013

More Homework

I can't believe this class is almost over. We have two more times to meet and I still have written work to submit. I get to select the four chapters I wish to complete the written work in and I have yet to figure out which ones I want to do. I'd like to get the reading done this week as well as finish the written work before the week is out so I will be free to do other things during spring break.

Chapter 31 - The Return of Christ: When and How? When and how will Christ return? Could he come back at any hour?

Chapter 32 - The Millennium: What is the Millennium? When does it occur? Will Christians go through the great tribulation?

Chapter 33 - The Final Judgment and Eternal Punishment: Who will be judged? What is hell?

Chapter 34 - The New Heavens and the New Earth: What is heaven? Is it a place? How will the earth be renewed? What will it be like to live in the new heavens and the new earth?

Who knows? Maybe I will do the written work on these last four chapters. I guess it just depends on what the questions are like at the end of each chapter. Perhaps it would be wise to do the written work during spring break in case I need to ask questions on this section in class? Who knows? Maybe it will come to me as I am reading and completing each chapter. Or maybe I will pick four chapters that have already been covered. I have no idea what I will do. I guess I had better get started.

I am not anyone's crutch.

I can save only myself. I refuse to find myself on the road towards self-pity, resentment and despair. I cannot live another person's life. I can live nobody's life but my own.

Thank goodness I don't beat my head against a brick wall any more.

I learned a long time ago that arguing with someone who is intoxicated is like beating my head against a brick wall. I certainly don't have to allow them to provoke me into doing anything I don't want to do. That goes for destructive attitudes and impossible behaviors, too.

All Recovery Roads

All recovery roads lead to the ability to love and be loved.

Anais Nin Quote

The only abnormality is the incapacity to love. ~Anais Nin

March 11, 2013

Unexpected Snow Day

I wonder if this will be the last snow day of the year. In Nebraska you can never tell what the weather will be. The kiddos had fun out in the neighborhood sledding with their friends. Kinsley started to build a snowman and Fiona shoveled the driveway. Nobody asked Fiona to shovel the driveway. Good job Fiona!! :)

Yesterday on the way to C and E's birthday party we saw wild turkeys sitting IN trees. I guess they don't like walking around in the snow. It was kind of strange to see them sitting in the trees. It looked very unnatural. Maybe it's because I've never seen anything like that before.

The time change is kicking my butt. Yesterday morning instead of waking at 5:45 I got up at 4:00 in order to make it to class on time. That's when it started snowing. It snowed off and on all day. Visibility was a challenge, too. At one point during our drive to church services Don did a complete doughnut with the van trying to turn right off L street. It was slick out. I couldn't help but laugh because the doughnut was a full circle and it wasn't something we were expecting. Thankfully there were no other cars around us or coming from the opposite direction. 

I love snow days. I love snow. I especially love snow when I don't have to drive in it. But, I am really looking forward to spring and so is Sushi. She doesn't like to pee or poop in the snow. Can you blame her??

Bad Boys (Bad Girls, Too!)

Wherever you go, there you are.

And that’s just surface scratch.

Woe To Him

Woe to him that is alone when he falleth, for he hath not another to help him up. (Ecclesiastes)

The Thrill of Participating

Wonderful things can happen today because I welcome the thrill of participating in my own life.

Judging a book by its cover

When we only judge by what "shows," we misjudge~and miss the point~every time.

Jean de la Fontaine Quote

Beware, as long as you live, of judging people by appearances.
~Jean de la Fontaine

March 10, 2013

Resentment is a Self-Defeating Entitlement (It's True!)

The remedy for wrongs is to forget them. ~Publilius Syrus

One of the very best ways to hang on to low self-esteem is to hang on to a resentment. Resentment is always about pain. It is about being cheated, being "done unto," being victimized. And victimization always makes its presence felt in negative definitions of ourselves~definitions like "I don't have any rights" or "You can't trust anyone" or "I will never be loved."

To foster a resentment fixates us at the point of our pain. Happiness, then, becomes like a butterfly transfixed with a pin. Because resentments and freedom are mutually exclusive, no one can have both. To insist on carrying around a resentment is to insist on retaining the source of our low self-esteem.

Often the hardest thing about giving up resentments is that we feel such a right to them. We may well have been cheated. We may well have been lied to and treated shabbily, perhaps even criminally. If that doesn't justify resentment what does! The truth is, however, that resentment is a self-defeating entitlement. We have a right to a stomachache too, but who wants it?

To harbor a resentment is to harbor an enemy.

H/T: Believing In Myself

I Pray for Quietness

I pray for quietness to help me cure my own emotional instability. Let me use serenity to cushion the impact of whatever happens outside of me. ~Amen

Alfred Lord Tennyson Quote

There lives more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds. ~Alfred Lord Tennyson


Today I will remember that uncertainty is not a fault but an opportunity. Everything I do and everything that crosses my path~people, situations, ideas~all have the potential to contribute to my growth and understanding.

March 9, 2013

Loneliness and Solitude

Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone. ~Paul Tillich

March 8, 2013

Conferences: Princess F :)

Learning Skills: In the areas of Initiative, Cooperation, Responsibility, Work Habits, Self Control, and Problem Solving Fiona is Outstanding. 

Reading/Language Arts: Fiona's achievement was a B and her Work Habits in that area are Outstanding. 

Reading Level: Fiona is reading on her grade level. 

Yesterday Fiona's teacher told us by the end of the year she will be reading above grade level. Last week she sent Fiona home with a most improved award. Can you guess what the award was? Yep, it was a book. Fiona was pretty excited about it, too. 

We have been working on her reading. At the beginning of the year Fiona would start a book, get to the 2nd or 3rd chapter, put the book down, start another book and repeat. Now Fiona actually finishes the books that she starts and doesn't pick a new one up until she finishes the first book.

I had to make a change around the house. In our house the TV, Video Games, DS Games, and Tablets do not get turned on until we are finished working. Work first, then play. Both girls read for 30 minutes when they get home from school and 30 minutes in bed before lights out. There are some weeks the TV doesn't get watched at all during the school week and that's okay by me. 

Writing: Fiona's achievement in this area is a B and her Work Habits are Satisfactory. 

Yesterday Fiona's teacher told us her creative writing pieces are incredible. So much so that she decided to enter one of Fiona's writing pieces in this quarter's writing contest. This will be the second time Fiona will have her writing considered for an award. I'm excited for her. She does love to write. Journaling is one of her favorite things to do around the house. 

Listening/Speaking: Fiona's achievement in this area is a B and her work habits are Satisfactory. 

Mathematics: Fiona's achievement in this area is a B and her work habits are Satisfactory.

We'll keep our multiplication memorization going this summer so she doesn't forget what she's learned. 

Social Studies: Fiona received a B and her work habits in this area are Satisfactory. 

Science: Fiona received a B. 

She also flourishes in Art, Music, and Physical Education

I couldn't be more proud of all that Fiona has accomplished thus far. She amazes me with her caring concern for others. She is always encouraging someone and doing all that she can to be a positive force with others. She has this knack of being aware of everything that is going on around her. I like that about Fiona. It shows me that she cares about what is happening and that she is paying attention to her surroundings. I think that will come in handy later on down the road. She is definitely a sweet, kind, and gentle spirit. I love that about her. She always looks for the best in people and has a heart of gold.

One thing I was super excited about was the radio play Fiona's class put on last month about Living History in Nebraska. All the kids got scripts, parts, and lines to read from. This is Fiona's second time appearing on the radio. We're hoping there will be a third opportunity to be on the radio when we head back down through Mississippi this summer. Who knows, maybe she will be a disk jockey when she grows up if she decides to stop pursuing her weather career. She is still obsessed with the weather channel and has enjoyed her weather science kit she got for Christmas from her Aunt and Uncle. It will be fun to see how it all turns out, eh?? 

In Truth and Training at church Fiona has 10 more areas to complete and she is done with her book. We are going to miss AWANA at our church next year but we are super excited for the new programming we will be participating in. I have a feeling it's going to be a great experience for both the kids and the parents. 

Parent Teacher Conferences: Miss K :)

We had parent teacher conferences yesterday. Don took half the day off from work so he could be with us. We really enjoyed visiting with the teachers to discuss strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to be able to handle constructive feedback from teachers because without it we might miss something along the way. We also got a peak into what we can expect down the road. I left both conferences feeling encouraged along with a plan for what we’ll be working on over the summer as a family. It was also nice to hear how well behaved, kind, and respectful Fiona and Kinsley are with their classmates as well as their teachers.

Learning Skills: Kinsley's Initiative in that area is Outstanding. Her Cooperation level is Outstanding. In the area of taking Responsibility she is Outstanding. Her Work Habits, Self-Control, and Problem Solving are all Satisfactory.

Reading/Language Arts: Kinsley's Performance level in that area is Proficient and her Effort is Outstanding. 

Reading Level: Kinsley received straight plus signs all the way across the board which means that she is reading above grade level. 

I have to say that Kinsley's reading skills blow my mind. She is reading fifth grade level books. I actually had to scale her back to second grade reading level because it's not always a good idea to let them jump ahead too soon. Slow and steady is key when it comes to reading.

Writing: Kinsley's writing is Proficient and her effort is Satisfactory.

Listening/Speaking: Kinsley's performance in this area is Proficient and her effort is Satisfactory.

Mathematics: Kinsley's performance is Proficient and her effort is Outstanding.

Kinsley loves math. I can tell that she finds it to be quite challenging but not in a discouraging sense. We didn't want Kinsley to be intimidated by math so we gave that a slow and steady approach. She also realizes that sometimes math needs to be practiced and is not afraid to ask for help when she has questions. 

My husband is a math whiz. He checks their math homework and works it out with the girls daily as they bring their math assignments home. He has a knack of making math fun for them. We'll be picking up math workbooks to keep it up this summer so they don't forget what they've learned. Slow and steady review is key when it comes to math. 

Social Studies: Kinsley really knocked the ball out of the park in Social Studies. Her performance went from Proficient to Advanced. Her effort is Satisfactory. 

Science: Kinsley's performance in Science went from Proficient to Advanced.  

She also flourishes in Art, Music, and Physical Education.

One thing I would like to try and find for Kinsley this summer is an Art Class. She has come to me and asked if I can sign her up for one because she doesn't get to paint as much in first grade like she did in Kindergarten. (Her words) Kinsley has a gift when it comes to Art. She loves to paint. She is very good at it to the point where she has received the highest marks a teacher can give to an elementary school aged child in Art class. I ought to dig out all of her creations and get them framed. They would make great art pieces to be displayed in our home. If I can't find a serious art class for Kinsley then I may have to manufacture one of my own. I'm not an art major. Do I know any art majors? Hmm...I may have to look for one. Maybe UNO can make a recommendation.

In AWANA Kinsley is almost finished with her 2nd grade Sparks book. She has 9 more areas to complete and she will be done. That's not too shabby since we have 5 weeks of AWANA left. Yay!!! 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quote

Optimism enables a man to hold his head high, to claim the future for himself and not abandon it to his enemy. ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Clear New Testament Message

The clear New Testament message is that justification is by faith alone. "By grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God~not because of works, lest any man boast" (Ephesians 2:8-9). Moreover, "the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23).

March 7, 2013

Heavenly Father: please protect me from cookie-cutter homeschooling Christians

(Quote) There may be many “Bible-believing Christians” with children in public school, but “Bible-living Christians” are becoming the minority. (End Quote)

Normally I would bite my tongue, let it go, consider the source, choose the high road, not give such blanket statements the time of day. Who do you think you are to tell me that I’m not a “Bible-living Christian” because I don’t homeschool my children?

Why does Christianity have to be so legalistic and complex? Do you not realize how unattainable you make Jesus out to be when you try to put Christianity in a box with a bunch of man-made rules?

Homeschooling does not equal any sort of godliness. Homeschooling does not make you less of a sinner in need of a Savior. Homeschooling is not the be-all end-all for attaining a good foundation or a Christian education. Homeschooling is not one-upmanship or some sort of who's-the-better-parent competition. A person’s worth or value in this life as a Christian or even a Human Being is not defined by where your children go to school. Homeschooling is just another educational option. Homeschooling is a personal choice and it’s not one-size-fits-all.

(Quote) I’ve been given an awesome responsibility raising my son. I will teach him to fear the Lord by example. I will trust in God to guide me. For we all stand alone on the Day of Judgment. (End Quote)

God said we are to train up our children in the way they should go. We can do that no matter where they go to school. God never said, “Thou shalt homeschool.”

Let’s talk about Salvation – Everyone who knows me understands that I do not nor will I ever believe in works-based Salvation. Legalism is slowly chipping away at the freedom and Salvation that only comes from Christ. Believe it or not there is nothing you can do to earn your way to heavenly fellowship in the presence of God. Christ’s death on a cross was enough.

What’s next? You don’t read the right version of the Bible? You don’t go to the right Church? You don’t live in the right neighborhood? You don’t go to the right school? You don’t stay home with your kids? You don’t homeschool your kids?

Let’s be clear – God doesn’t need us in order to be God. He wants our participation but no matter what we do He will always be God. He doesn’t need or require us to do anything in order to bring our children to Him. He can draw them to Him in spite of us. He doesn’t need our help. He is God!

God is wiser and more powerful

The very act of surrender to God who is wiser and more powerful than we are can help to bring order into our lives. It serves as a steadying influence and constant guide to right decisions.

For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? (Romans)

Silkworms Create Something Beautiful

Photo Credit: Avian Aqua Miser

Silkworms are fat and greedy creatures, but out of their own substance, they create something beautiful. They have no choice in the matter. They were born to express this beauty. 

I, too, can transform something negative into something positive; by changing my self-defeating attitudes, I become a more beautiful human being. I was born with this beauty inside me, and if I will only allow myself, I can express it freely. 

Today's Reminder

Today I can spin a little silk and let it grace everything I touch. I don't have to look back to past ugliness except to learn from it, to enhance the present, and to release whatever beauty is trapped behind old secrets and self-defeating attitudes. One day at a time I can delight in the splendid person I am becoming. 

Sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness...until it flowers again from within..." ~Galway Kinnell

Enough Is Enough

Guilt always hurries toward its complement, punishment: only there does its satisfaction lie. ~Lawrence Durrell

The most useless phrase in the English language may be "If only I had . . . " What's done is done. Dwelling on past errors or missed opportunities is a terrible mistake. Some of our self-blame simply isn't justified: What happened wasn't our fault in the first place. And even when the failings were truly ours, the constant replay exaggerates and distorts what really happened way back then.

Guilt eats up a lot of energy that could be better used elsewhere. Most of us have already punished ourselves many times over. Isn't it time now to climb down off the rack, step away from the whipping post, and consider the debt settled? Enough is enough. We deserve a reprieve.

Self-esteem demands that we admit our mistakes and take responsibility for them. But it also demands that we accept and forgive what can't be relived. Endless self-recrimination has no place in recovery.

As my self-knowledge increases, my self-recrimination decreases.

H/T: Believing In Myself

March 6, 2013

This Week's Homework

This week's homework is to read chapters 26, 27, and 28. If I start today I will be finished by the weekend. I may work on next week's Hebrews homework so I can start working on the questions for application assignment. I'm supposed to pick four of the chapters I have read out of Grudem and answer those questions. I would like to have that completed before my kids are on spring break from school. I haven't selected the chapters I will do yet. I'm still thinking about that one.

Chapter 26 - The Nature of the Church: How can we recognize a true church? What are the purposes of the church? What makes a church more or less pleasing to God?

Chapter 27 - Baptism: Who should be baptized? How should it be done? What does it mean?

Chapter 28 - The Lord's Supper: What is the meaning of the Lord's Supper? How should it be observed?

I just know this is going to be a good read. I have a feeling I'm about to learn something new. I'd better get started if I'm going to finish my homework. I Love this class.

Other People's Opinions

When I am sure of who I am, other people's opinions will not matter so much.

March 5, 2013

10 On Tues: Happy Birthday to Me! :)

My sweet kiddos convinced their Dad to upgrade me from a hand mixer to a stand mixer. 

Don has a knack of finding the perfect card. I love my stuffed rabbit, too. 

Fiona won this duplicate book at school and decided to wrap it up for my birthday. As soon as I'm done with my theology class I will be very happy to read it. 

My girls have this knack of finding me the perfect gifts. I like that they enjoy blinging me out! ;) 

Scandalous is right! I love this color. I can't believe there is such a thing as scented perfume in the nail polish. My girls have informed me that it will smell delightful when the polish dries. I was also told the glitter polish was for an accent finger. We'll have to get our polish on sometime this week.

Hers (above) and His (below) - Enough Said

We had a great time with our good friends on Saturday at the gun range. Afterward, dinner and drinks at a French restaurant. The food was amazing and the company divine!!  

I have enjoyed all of Omaha knowing that it was my birthday this week. It's a good thing we don't believe in washing or detailing our van in the wintertime. Thanks Babe!! XXOO

Fiona and Kinsley sure do know what I like. Purple Butterflies and Love Letters...I Love my Family. I am so lucky and fortunate to be married to a man that shows our kiddos how to shower me on my birthday. Thank you God for my Wonderful Family!! 

Yep!! ;) 
LOVE, love, LOVE you guys SOOO much!! XXOO!! 

I Pray to Accept and to be Resolute

I pray to accept, with a serene mind, the things I cannot change, knowing it is futile to be obstinate about the inevitable. I pray to be resolute to take action in things that must be changed.

American Proverb

Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised. ~American Proverb

My Job

God knows exactly what I need and has already given it to me. My job is to "Keep it simple" and ask for God's help in relieving me of the extra stuff~the shortcomings that keep me tied down.

March 4, 2013

My new laundry fairy approved top load high capacity LG washing machine :)

I love my new LG high capacity washing machine. Love, love, love it! It is a top loader this time. We were having trouble with our front loader and didn't feel like replacing the motor for a 2nd time. Besides, seven years give or take is about the life of those washing machines. We also decided we would go with something that isn't working against gravity. I have to tell ya...the bin is HUGE. It was the biggest sized bin we could find at NFM. We've had this thing for a couple of weeks now and I have to tell is so efficient. I am not doing laundry as much as I was with my front loader. Before...I was doing laundry every day or every other day. Now I am doing laundry a couple of times a week. Not too shabby! Oh, and I can fit a King sized comforter in that bin without any trouble. This is a HUGE time saver. Love, love, love it. It sings to me at the end of each cycle letting me know it is finished. So cool....we decided to keep our front load dryer since it is still working just fine. There was no point in getting rid of it since it still works. I'm pretty sure we will hang on to that until it konks out on us. We also kept our pedestal from our front load washer to use as extra storage in the basement. We are all about recycling and repurposing our purchases whenever we can. I love that I can see what is going on inside the washer during a cycle. I think that's pretty super cool, too. 

Well...? Are you going to guess?

Well, did you guess who that was in my picture? I'll give you a hint: He sings an awesome song about forgiveness. I think I posted that song not too long ago right here on my blog. Come on...take a guess! Who is it? :)

We wound up being Winter Jam Rejects - no joke! There were a bunch of us who showed up at the concert on Friday a bit late. To be honest, we didn't expect the Civic to sell out at the door! I'm pretty sure there were about ten thousand people from Omaha inside of the Civic enjoying themselves.

Well, they wound up letting us inside of the Civic, too...we just couldn't go upstairs or inside with everyone else. Instead, our show was free and some of the artists came down to the corridor to put on a little show for us. I felt sorry for the peeps that drove four or five hours to get to Omaha. Oh well...we still had fun.

We were probably in the hall jamming out with Toby Mac's drummer, the dude in my picture (I really want you to guess who that is), and some young brothers (I can't remember their names and I'm too lazy to go look at the CD we bought. I think their names are BOB or BBO or something like that), and then some dude from American Idol sang for us as well.

Afterward, the fire marshal said the corridor was at max capacity; so, we had to leave. But, before we left Don picked up some Christian music for only $5 bucks a piece. They were full on CDs without all the mark-up. Nice!!

We had a lot of fun. The girls had a blast and we ran into some peeps from church who wound up being Winter Jam Rejects, too. :)

Next year if TobyMac comes back we will leave for the show as soon as our kiddos get out of school. We will hit a drive through and then be on our way. We won't be Winter Jam Rejects next year.

You know...the whole entire experience got me thinking about when Jesus talks about the first being last and the last being first. We got to be pretty up close and personal with the artists. Had we been able to get inside the Civic we would not have had a chance to be so close to them. We were right there...right next to them...many got to talk to the artists personally. It was great!!

If only we could get Taylor Swift to lower the price on her tickets...:) :) :)

I am improving day by day

I must still guard against impatience, lapses into feeling sorry for myself, resenting the words and actions of others. Above all, I must not permit myself the tormenting excursions into the bitter past. But now that I am alert to the danger signals, I know I am improving day by day.

Courage, Composure and Good Humor

With Divine help I will accept what I cannot change~with courage, composure, and good humor.

THINK: Stop, Look and Listen - THINK!

The slogan, "Think" always puzzled me. Wasn't it my "stinking thinking" that got me into trouble? The meaning of this slogan remained a mystery until I heard a neighbor's child reciting some safety rules he'd learned in school: Stop, Look, and Listen.

Before I get into trouble, before I open my mouth to react, or get lost in obsessive analysis of another person's behavior, or worrying about the future, I can Stop. Then I can Look at what is going on and my role in it. Then I can Listen for spiritual guidance that will remind me of my options and help me find healthy words and actions.

So when something unkind is said to me, I don't automatically have to get into a loud and vicious argument. Instead, I can take a moment to "Think." I can Stop, Look, and Listen. Then I might be able to engage calmly in discussion or simply walk away. If I do choose to enter the argument, at least I am now making this decision consciously, rather than letting life decide for me.

To Me, Maturity Includes:

  • Knowing myself.
  • Asking for help when I need it and acting on my own when I don't.
  • Admitting when I'm wrong and making amends. 
  • Accepting love from others, even if I'm having a tough time loving myself. 
  • Recognizing that I always have choices, and taking responsibility for the ones I make.
  • Seeing that life is a blessing. 
  • Having an opinion without insisting that others share it. 
  • Forgiving myself and others. 
  • Recognizing my shortcomings and my strengths. 
  • Having the courage to live one day at a time. 
  • Acknowledging that my needs are my responsibility. 
  • Caring for people without having to take care of them. 
  • Accepting that I'll never be finished~I'll always be a work-in-progress. 

Zen Proverb

If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are. ~Zen Proverb

Inventories, Memories and Reasoning

Sometimes knowledge isn't all it's cracked up to be. Naturally it can be helpful to look at past experiences for information about ourselves and our relationships. There is much to be learned from inventories, memories, and reasoning things out with others. But waiting for insight can become an excuse to avoid action.

Want To Be Loved?

Servitude debases people to the point where they end up liking it. ~Vauvenargues

Talk about guilty pleasure! What a joy it is to learn that building self-esteem doesn't require us to please anybody but ourselves. Can it really be? There must be a catch somewhere. It sounds too good to be true, or at least true for us.

Many of us have spent most of our lives in the service of other people. In our growing up years, we learned that that was our ticket for love and approval. Want to be loved? Make someone else happy. Want a pat on the head? Do their work for them. That's how we learned to look outside ourselves for our self-esteem. That's what made us virtual slaves to the wishes and needs of others.

Now that we're adults, old knee-jerk reactions will still tempt us to reach out for that brass ring. But now that we know better, we're going to be much less comfortable about giving away all that power. As we take it back little by little, so do we take custody of our self-esteem.

My self-approval no longer depends on other people's responses.

H/T: Believing In Myself

Compact With The Devil

When a man sells eleven ounces for twelve, he makes a compact with the devil, and sells himself for the value of an ounce. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Irritating People

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. ~Carl Jung

The search for self-esteem is a search for truth. It involves trying to see ourselves as truly as we can~and learning to appreciate what we see. As we move along, the mirrors that reflect back our true selves often pop up in the most unlikely places!

Irritating people can be such mirrors. All of us know people we'd just as soon avoid. Somehow they just get under our skin and make us crazy. Yet if we are willing to figure out exactly what bothers us about them, we may find great insight into our own hearts.

The person who talks too much may irritate us because we miss the chance to monopolize the conversation with our own stories. The braggart may irritate us because we feel we should have accomplished more. The person who is always upbeat may make us jealous that we're not happier ourselves. Some insights are less flattering than others but no less valuable for that.

My own flaws and frailties are usually at the bottom of my trouble with other people.

H/T: Believing In Myself

Russian Proverb

When money speaks, the truth keeps silent. ~Russian Proverb

March 1, 2013

Winter Jam Reject - Yes I Am!

Can you guess who that is in my picture???

Winter Jam here we come!

The kids are excited. We are excited. We get to see some of our favorite Christian singers perform tonight. TobyMac, Casting Crowns, and Sidewalk Prophets are some of our favorites performing tonight. I forgot about 5 o'clock rush hour traffic. I'm pretty happy we are driving North vs West.

(Yes, I'm blogging from my phone.)

Don took the day off from work. We got our taxes filed (Yay!!), had a nice quiet lunch out, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon being together and watching Argo. What a great movie! I see why it won for best picture. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I am thankful we do not live in Iran.

Have fun tonight friends!!