December 16, 2013

Public School Holiday Presentation

This Christmas card reminds me of Fiona’s solo in the Holiday program at school. The song is Peace I Leave with You by Mozart. Fiona did a great job with her solo and her voice was a great fit and sounded so beautiful. I got a little teary-eyed listening to her—Tears of Joy! Kinsley warmed my heart and made me smile during her segment.

I was very impressed with the school’s production. Every child from 4th grade on down to pre-K participated and the gym was jam-packed full of family eager to watch their kids sing, play an instrument, or present. Yes, these kids present on a microphone or they sing solos at certain parts from 4th grade on down to pre-K. They are all amazing!!!


4th Grade–HEROES
A Tribute to the Armed Services
Bring Him Home (Les Misérables)

Piano Solo
Strings–Good King Wenceslas, Seminole Chant/Tribal Lament, Jingle Bells, Nutcracker

1st Grade–MIRACLES
Hanukkah Festival
Hava Nagila (Horah–Jewish Folk Dance)
Candle on the Water

You Can Help

3rd Grade–LIFE
Child of the Universe
Don't Worry, Be Happy

Free Spirit–LAUGHTER
Away from the Mistletoe

2nd Grade–MUSIC
The Twelve Dogs of Christmas
How Can I Keep from Singing?
Kinsley's segment warmed my heart! :)

Free Spirit–PEACE
Peace I Leave with You (Mozart)
Fiona's solo was beautiful! :)

The Little Snowflakes
Frosty Hand Jive

We Are a Family
Turkey Dinner

Free Spirit–DREAMS
The Nutcracker...In About Three Minutes (Tchaikovsky)

Put a Little Love in Your Heart/Love Train
School Song

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