December 7, 2013

Crazy, Busy, Good

I’m not sure if you guys realize this or not but my life is crazy right now. I would say my life is crazy busy good. The best part about my life these days is I’m not waiting for the sky to fall. Isn’t that awesome? It’s the holiday season, we have so much to do and I’m not even worried about it like I would have been three years ago.

My kids have been busy and WE have been busy as a family. Ten weeks ago I wondered how we would get through our fostering classes. Today I look back and think to myself, “We did it!” We did it as a family, too. Every Monday Don would get off work at five and we’d hit the road. It’s about a thirty minute drive to get to class because class wasn’t in our town. We set the kids up in the back of the room with their video player, homework, games, and anything else they wanted to bring to occupy their time. Class ended at 9 pm and we would hit the road to come home and up to bed the kids would go. Let me tell you—they did a GREAT job! Every Monday for nine weeks we were able to participate in our class and our kids were busy at their table in the area being busy. Well, and what kid doesn’t like to watch movies with their headphones on a school night?

I have to tell you—I won’t be blogging about fostering specifics. But, if you ever have questions about how fostering works please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or send me an e-mail. Remember, I myself am just a beginner and have a lot to learn. We are never ever really done learning in this life. Learning new things is on-going, not something you can put into a box. I believe in sharing experiences, strengths, and hope in a way that doesn’t cause division. So, I hope I can be real with you if you have questions.

One day I will tell you what brought us to this place. I believe God called us to do this and what’s even sweeter is my husband has been leading the way in this area of our lives. The icing on the cake is that our girls are open to sharing us with other kids, too. We’ve been talking to the kids and praying about this for over two years. If the kids weren’t on board we would not be doing it. It’s amazing what can happen when a plan comes together.

I’ve had an interesting reaction from quite a few people in various circles regarding our decision to foster. Most people are very uplifting and positive about it and have given us a word of encouragement. Honestly, some people have said things about it that have left me gaping and I have to seriously consider the source and just realize these people are extremely limited in their thinking. They live in a perfect box with a pretty bow on top and cannot understand or comprehend having compassion or mercy for people who are different from them. That is how I see it, for the moment. Maybe I will change my mind later or maybe I am just willing to acknowledge what it is that I see.

One individual said to me, “Don’t these kids come from troubled homes? Don’t they have a lot of problems?” Uh, yeah—that’s the whole point of fostering. My Aunt who fostered for many years has been mentoring me. She told me there would be naysayers. When I asked her how she handled the negativity she told me there is plenty of love to go around. She’s right! There IS plenty of love to go around and kids deserve to be raised in families surrounded with that love.

God places the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6)

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