November 7, 2013

Sisterly Questions and Answers

Yesterday on the way to church the girls were having a pretty intense discussion about God and the bible. Lately Fiona has had a lot of questions and Kinsley is pretty black and white when it comes to this stuff.

Fiona: Okay, how do we really know that God is not a she instead of a he?

Kinsley: Come on Fiona! The bible says that Mary gave birth to a baby and HIS name is JESUS. That makes him a BOY. Get over it!

Later on in the van on the way to church Fiona said she was a little confused by the trinity. She said the thing that is confusing for her is that the bible says Jesus prayed in the garden to God.

Fiona: So mom—what does that mean? Jesus prayed to himself in the garden?

We talked about the trinity some more. I also brought up H2O and how you can get it in three forms but at the end of the day it’s still H2O. That seemed to make sense to her.

I think the trinity is pretty confusing for a lot of people and while the actual word “trinity” is not mentioned in the bible it does exist.

I think we will be doing more bible reading together. Fiona is asking some really good age appropriate questions. Kinsley has some great answers for her sister, too!


  1. I like how you used H2O to describe the trinity. I'll be keeping that in mind for when it comes up here, because I know it's coming!

    And Kinsley - Love that answer!

  2. Kids come up with the coolest ideas! :)


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