November 11, 2013

Get used to it—life is messy!

Foster care classes are going well. We’ve been faithfully attending each class for five weeks. We finally finished our questionnaire a couple of weeks ago and have four classes left including the one we will go to today.

In the beginning of the classes our instructors said not everyone starting the class would be there at the end. There are a few people who have already dropped the class and it’s totally understandable.

Right now we are in the process of getting our home in order. For example, we keep our cleaning supplies under our kitchen sink as well as all our bathroom sinks. Yesterday we started the process of gathering our cleaning supplies and transferring them to a high shelf in the unfinished part of our basement where we store boxes and other extras. We also have prescription medications that need to be locked up, too.

I would like to have a clutter-free home before we get our license. Our house is really not that bad but I want everything to have its place and make sense. Slowly but surely the goal is to get our home organization project done before we become licensed.

So far we still want to foster, even after all of the difficult scenarios we have encountered during class time. It has also been pretty interesting the various reactions we have received concerning becoming a foster family. I am always amazed at what naysayers will come up with to try and put a damper on things. I have a whole new take on “diarrhea of the mouth” and am simply amazed at the filth that is spewed in our direction.

Our family has been through enough “mess” to know that life is not a fancy wrapped boxed with a pretty bow on top. Life is messy! Our family has a lot of love to give to all the kids who find themselves in our home.

God places the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6)

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  1. People always try to knock down a good thing, and usually it is because of their own feelings of inadequacy. I admire you guys for taking this leap of faith and extending yourselves and your family - God will use you for wonderful things!

  2. I actually had someone say to me when they found out we were going to be foster parents, “Don’t those kids have problems?” I very politely ignored the remark and focused more on the positive words of encouragement that were coming from the other ladies standing around me. I think you’re right, Becki. It’s a complete sign of insecurity and lack of basic manners. I seriously need to lower my expectations and just accept that some people are just plain rude.


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