September 20, 2013


I had an appointment to see my OBGYN specialist. There were a couple of things that concerned me. 1) My tail bone has been hurting all summer and 2) I still have not had a monthly cycle. TMI—right?

I know where the tail bone pain is coming from. I’m pretty sure I hurt myself at the pool this summer when I tried to hoist myself up out of the pool backwards. My butt slammed right into the cement. That was back in July. It’s now the middle of September and my tail bone still hurts. I have to either sit forward or take turns between the right and left butt cheeks. OUCH!

The doc checked a few things out and determined there was nothing else going on. There were no cysts or growths in the vicinity. It turns out tail bones take a long time to heal. The pain has been diminishing so maybe the worst is over? I’m just glad there was nothing else going on.

Back in April when my doc ran blood work he determined I was pre-menopausal. He needed to do more blood work to check on some things. He said if my blood work comes back menopausal there is nothing more to do. Good news, I hope!

We even discussed hormone replacement therapy. I let him know right away I’m not interested in any of that. Hormone replacement therapy increases your risk of breast cancer. The only symptom I’ve been experiencing are hot flashes and to be honest they’re not all that bad. I did ask him what some of the other symptoms were. He said women who go through menopause may also experience moodiness, acne, and weight gain. I let him know right away those are all easy! I’m already moody, have a few pimples, and yes—I’ve gained a little weight.

What happens if my blood work comes back not menopausal? Then I have to go back to the doc and he gets to help me figure out how to have a period. Then they have to run more tests to find out if I have uterine cancer. I was not in the least bit worried about any of this because back in April my blood work indicated I was pre-menopausal.

Today I got the call from my doc’s nurse. My blood work came back showing that I am officially in menopause. AWESOME!! Thirty years of bleeding is finally OVER!!! No more periods!! No more BIG THICK MAXI PADS!! NO more tampons!! Whoo-Whooo!! I feel like having a menopause party!! Yay!!!

I hope I can put this uterine cancer thing behind me. I just want to go to my yearly checkups and not have any issues. Now I have to make an appointment to have my six month follow-up mammogram next month. They are following my right breast to make sure that two millimeter calcification stopped growing. I guess I have calcifications all over they want to keep an eye on. Isn't that special? I really do not want to play the biopsy game. Let’s just pray the mammogram goes well, shall we?

According to Google menopause symptoms are as follows: hot flashes, fatigue, irritability, depressed mood, weight gain, fuzzy thinking (hahaha), anxiety, and headaches.

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