September 2, 2013

Exceeds the Standards

I have a hard copy of Fiona's overall performance on Nebraska's State Accountability (NeSA) test. I could not be more pleased with how Fiona did on the test. Her overall scores in Reading and Mathematics "Exceeds the Standards" of expectations on the state level for spring 2013 according to the state of Nebraska via the public school she currently attends.

Reading is composed of different content standards: Vocabulary and Comprehension. Mathematics is composed of different content standards: Number Sense, Geometric/Measurement, Algebraic, and Data Analysis/Probability. Fiona exceeds the standards.

In addition to her communication, presentations and public speaking, Fiona is sharpening and improving her test taking skills. That’s on top of all the extras she is learning at school. I also love that she knows how to use a planner, finish her homework, and study for her quizzes and tests for school without being told.

Good job, Fiona!

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