August 19, 2013

Swimming, Singing & Strings

I stayed up until 2 o’clock in the morning trying to figure out the parks and recreation web site. They released all the new swimming dates last night at midnight and in order to ensure my kids swim this fall I needed to register and pay for their lessons online ASAP. After trying to figure out the faulty online registration process I finally got their classes paid for. They’ll be swimming every weekend starting in September.

This year as a fourth grader Fiona has the opportunity to be in a lot more than just the general music class they offer at school. She has decided to sign up for Free Spirit as well as Strings. Free Spirit is a performing choir that will meet after school one day a week to practice. They will be performing in the Holiday Program, the Black History Program, and the End of the Year Program. Fiona loves to sing so this is right up her alley.

Fiona is also determined to learn how to play the violin. I’m excited for her to explore the instrumental aspects of music. Their after school practices are do-able because they are held on a day different from Free Spirit. The good news is if she has any questions about how to read her music I’ll be able to help her out! I will not be harping on her to practice. That will be her gig.

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