August 10, 2013

Oh Marbles is Right! LOL

Oh Becki!!! 

You cracked me up yesterday when you wrote:

Oh Marbles!!!

That's exactly how I was feeling about it, too. :):) 

I weighed myself and had to throw a rock back.

My week pretty much sucked in the exercise department. I was feeling a little down, too. I snapped out of it though which is good. You know me, it doesn't take long. 

I chose not to take a picture of my marbles. In fact, I probably will only take new pictures of my marble jars once or twice a month when there is progress that you can actually see. 

I will admit, my clothes are starting to feel looser on me - I will take it. I know the inches come off quicker than the lbs anyway so I'm not going to let this hiccup get me down. 

I picked up a community center punch card this week. It's $25 for 20 visits and I can use them any time I want to. I don't have to use them or lose them. My husband can use them, too. Each punch is good for that whole day so if I want to go in the morning and go back again in the afternoon, I totally can! Kids are free!! There is not a gym membership anywhere in town that I know of that beats that!

This is going to work out great in the winter when I can't get outside. I was thinking of making it a routine. You know, drop the girls off at school and then head to the community center to exercise. 

They have an indoor track, elliptical, treadmills, weights, weight machines, exercise balls - the works!! I have know idea why I didn't know about this before.  

I know I will get back on track. I'm not gonna let this get me down!!! Still feeling good!!!

Oh Marbles!!! LOL He he he - Until Next Week!! :):)


  1. Every time I come here that picture of Sushi makes me smile :)

    Wow, the community center is a GREAT deal!!! I totally wish we had that here. The closest community center is a town away and they have some exercise classes, but it gets pretty expensive. The pool has a small gym, but you can't do a card if you are from out of town so it's pay as you go and it gets pricey, too. Blah! Small towns!!

    I'm with you on only posting pictures when there is progress to show. Otherwise it's just the same thing over and over.

    I feel really fat today. I hate that feeling. I'm actually pretty down myself. I'm glad you snapped out of it. I feel like I'm just to myself right now. Hormones? Life? Depression? I don't know... But I'm sure I'll eventually get over it.

    Tomorrow starts a new week... I bought lots of salad stuff.

  2. Not myself... Not "to myself"

  3. I have lots of salad stuff, too. I usually take whatever Don grills for the week, chop that up, and throw it in the salad. LOL

    I am behind on my Bible reading. I picked that back up this week. I'm in the book of Ezra. I always feel better no matter what is going on in my life when I read my Bible.


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