August 2, 2013

Level 5 Skills - Good Job!

Kinsley is Great swimmer! I am so pleased with all of her hard work. There are not a whole lot of kids her age who can swim as good as she can. If she were to fall off the side of a boat into the ocean she could totally make it. She is not afraid to put her head in the water. In fact, most of her best swimming is done completely under water.

This go around she completely ditched her goggles, too. She said, "Mom...I don't need these any more." Okay, Kinsley!! Awesome because really don't need those. The best part is she made that decision for herself with no coaxing or influence from me.

She really wanted to pass level 5 this go around. She was pretty bummed out when she got her report card and realized she had to repeat level 5. That's okay Kinsley!! You still rocked the class!! In fact, her instructor had this to say: "Great job, Kinsley! You've improved so much with your butterfly and front crawl. Make sure you believe in yourself and keep practicing and I'm sure you'll be fine."

There are a few things she needs to practice and she herself admitted she should probably repeat the class. I am really proud of the fact that she recognizes on her own the need to continue so she can keep improving and continue to build up her stamina. 

Here's what she mastered: 
  • Shallow-angle dive from the side (in water at least 9 feet deep) 
  • Shallow-angle dive, glide two body lengths and begin any front stroke (in water at least 9 feet deep) 
  • tuck surface dive, submerging completely 
  • Pike surface dive, submerging completely 
  • Tread water, 5 minutes 
  • Front crawl, 50 yards
  • Butterfly, 25 yards 
  • Elementary backstroke, 50 yards 
  • Back crawl, 25 yards 
  • Standard scull, 30 seconds
  • Sidestroke, 25 yards 
  • Safety Topics 
  • Exit Skills Assessment #1 
Here's what she needs to practice: 
  • Front flip turn while swimming 
  • Backstroke flip turn while swimming 
  • Breaststroke, 25 yards 
  • Exit Skills Assessment #2 
Awesome job, Kinsley!!! 

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