July 20, 2013

Level Four Skills - Completed!

If we lived close to a beach these two would be on a boogie board every day. They LOVE the ocean and they have a lot of fun swimming together.

When we got home from our vacation the girls could not wait to start their swim lessons. They both started off their swim lessons picking up where we left off in Level 4. After two straight weeks of practice both girls passed Level 4 and I could not be more pleased with their efforts.

Here's what they mastered: 
  • Headfirst entry from the side in a compact position (in water at least 9 feet deep)
  • Headfirst entry from the side in a stride position (in water at least 9 feet deep)
  • Swim under water, 3-5 body lengths 
  • Feet first surface dive, submerging completely
  • Survival swimming, 30 seconds (in deep water) 
  • Front crawl open turn
  • Backstroke open turn 
  • Tread water using 2 different kicks (modified scissors, modified breaststroke, or rotary) 2 minutes 
  • Front Crawl, 25 yards
  • Breaststroke, 15 yards 
  • Push off in a stream lined position on back and begin flutter kicking, 3-5 body lengths 
  • Push off in a streamlined body position on back and begin dolphin kicking, 3-5 body lengths 
  • Elementary backstroke, 25 yards 
  • Back crawl, 15 yards 
  • Sidestroke, 15 yards 
  • Safety Topics 
  • Exit Skills Assessment #1 
  • Exit Skills Assessment #2 

Awesome job, girls!!! 


  1. Great job!! They've done very well!

  2. Thanks!! I'm pretty happy for them. :):)


Thanks for the comment