May 3, 2013

Letter from My Medical Doctor

Dear Mrs. I Am Pooped, 

Your recent breast imaging procedure performed on 04/23/2013 showed an area that we believe is benign (not cancer). However, in six months, you should have a follow-up mammogram to confirm that this area has not changed. 

As you know, early detection of cancer is very important. Although mammography is the most accurate method for early detection, not all cancers are found through mammography. A thorough examination includes a combination of mammography, physical examination and breast self-examination. Therefore, if you have not had a recent physical examination of your breasts by your clinician, see your physician or other health care provider. 

A copy of your result was sent to your OBGYN.

Your report will become part of your medical file here at the Hospital for at least 5 years. You are responsible for informing any new health care provider or mammography facility of the date and location of this examination.


Medical Doctor
Interpreting Radiologist


  1. Back in 2003 I had a scare - I went through ultra sounds and other tests to determine I have bumpy boobs. It sucks big because with normal bumps it's hard to know when I have not-so-normal bumps. I hope this letter is just a waste of a twig on a tree. It's good that you are diligent in having your mammograms done though - so many women don't.

  2. My boobs aren't bumpy but they are full of small calcifications ranging anywhere from 1-2 millimeters. I think the docs just want to keep an eye on them. If the docs ever come back and say they need to do a biopsy because I have fallen into the suspicious range then I will tell them to skip the biopsy and just take the calcification out.

    What blows my mind is how I can be "suspicious" with a white cloud on my pictures one day and clear with no white cloud the next. I’m chalking it up to lots of prayers and a miracle.


Thanks for the comment