May 11, 2013

End of School Year Fun

School Carnival Fun

My sister-in-law and I were discussing how much our kids look alike. They really do! Every time I look at Kinsley and see the freckles across her nose I see my nephew Jackson. Kim was saying that she thinks Fiona looks like Cecilia. She does! They have a similar smile and familiar qualities in their personalities that shine the most. Do they look exactly alike? Of course not, but there are so many characteristics that are similar you'd think they were all siblings. Aren't they though? Cousins really are like brother's and sisters.

Kim and I went to Cecilia's school this week to eat lunch with her. She's in the 5th grade about to enter into middle school and I really wanted to have lunch with her before she gets to that stage where she doesn't want us to be around her in public. lol Anyway, while we were there her friends really cracked me up. They thought I was Cecilia's Mom. Later on that day when I told Fiona about it she laughed and said Aunt Kim doesn't have orange hair! lol Orange? Really? Kids are too funny for words.

I really enjoyed my lunch with my sister and my niece. It warmed my heart when my nephew Jack saw me in the lunch room and ran over to give me a hug. He was excited to see us! It was a great day.

Hoola Hoopin' It Up

The month of May at school for the girls is probably my favorite time of the year for them. We have a lot of fun activities and field trips that go on around this time. From the All School BBQ, to the Carnival, Field Day, and lots of fun field trips to cool places or having lunch outside with classmates in the beautiful spring weather. Yes, spring finally did make it to Nebraska and we are enjoying every bit of it at home and at school. 

Over the summer we will continue with sports, outings, swim lessons, swimming fun, reading, math, day trips, and our big family vacation. Before we realize it summer will be over and it will be time to go back to school again. Next year we'll have a 4th grader and a 2nd grader. I can't wait to see what opportunities Fiona will choose as this will be her last year at her elementary school. The possibilities are endless. 

One thing is for sure...she loves to speak, present to an audience, and write. She's been nominated several times this year for her creative writing pieces, won a creative writing award, and now I get to see her read the latest at a creative writing tea where the kids will present what they wrote to a room full of parents. Yes, they get up there with their writing and speak on a microphone to a room full of parents. That's intimidating! But you know what? She is doing it! She is conquering her nervousness and presenting to a room full of strangers. I LOVE it! 

I asked Fiona what her favorite game was at the school carnival. She said she really enjoyed playing to win posters for her room. I asked Kinsley what her favorite carnival activity was and she told me she really enjoyed the bouncy house. 

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