May 6, 2013

AWANA Awards Ceremony

We finished up AWANA this year and the kids were presented with their awards.

Fiona worked hard in her first year of TNT (Truth 'n Training). She completed her first book as well as all of her Silver and Gold assignments. She had her heart set on receiving the extra Silver and Gold pins in addition to the regular Alpha and Omega Awards. It was neat to watch Fiona work on something that she wanted and to see her work on it all the way through to the end. Way to go Fiona!

Kinsley worked hard in her 2nd year of Sparks. She completed her first grade book and when she found out we weren't going to be participating in the AWANA program next year, she got permission to work on her second grade book, too. She had her first grade book completed by Christmas and her second grade book completed by the conclusion of this year’s programming. She wanted to have that Sparky plaque just like her big sister Fiona. Who could blame her? Way to go Kinsley!

Why do they have to grow up? (2009)


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