April 26, 2013

Double Whammy (Part 1)

I had my yearly OBGYN and Mammogram on Monday. Let me just say that it was a double whammy day for me and not a lot of fun. I guess my body is going through all sorts of changes at the young and tender age of 43.

At my OBGYN appointment I couldn’t remember the first day of my last period. Plus, my old calendar/planner didn’t sync all the way back on my new mobile phone. I knew it was some time in the fall but I just couldn’t remember the exact date.

Come to find out that I’m supposed to call my OBGYN if I don’t have a period in three months. As a result of not having a period for so long he needed to do blood work on me to find out if I am premenopausal. If I’m not premenopausal then more tests need to be run so we can rule out uterine cancer.

Yep, double whammy #1: ruling out Uterine Cancer

At this point in the session I’m thinking it’s going to be fine because my thyroid is bringing on menopausal symptoms ten years earlier than normal. I’m okay with them running blood work. It needs to be done. I wasn’t too rattled with this information because I have been averaging 3 to 4 periods in 1 year as well as experiencing hot flashes. To be honest, nothing that goes on with my thyroid or anything at all “down there” phases me. You want to run blood work? Go for it! The only problem with the blood work is my nurse couldn’t get any of my veins to cooperate. So, I decided to head off for my mammogram and have some lunch before going back to try again.

My mammogram seemed fine at the time. If you’ve ever had a mammogram then you know it’s extremely uncomfortable but totally necessary. I’ve been having yearly mammograms like clockwork so this was mammogram #4. Finished that up and left to go have some lunch so I could hydrate myself and then maybe my veins would cooperate with the nurse.

After lunch I went back up to see my nurse. My veins still would not cooperate. So off we went to the lab to get the nurse with the “big guns” to go for it. She got a vein in my right arm to cooperate right away! These ladies were awesome. I was stuck with the needle so much that day and it didn’t even hurt.

After that I left the hospital, came home and found out the first date of my last period, and called my OBGYN to let him know it was Nov 24th and it lasted for 3 days. They let me know that I should have my blood work results back in a couple of days. Cool, right? Well, not so cool. After I hung up with my OBGYN peeps I got a phone call back from mammography letting me know that I need to come back to the hospital to have more pictures taken because the doctor saw something suspicious and they want to take a closer look. My heart sank.

After swallowing my throat and my lip quivering set in I scheduled another mammography for the very next day. When I got off the phone I just threw my head in my hands and cried. I kept thinking to myself how everything bad always happens to me. What’s next?

Yep, double whammy #2: ruling out Breast Cancer

Before I end this post I want to tell you that I am fine and everything is going to be okay. With that clearly stated come back tomorrow to find out what happens next.

(To be continued)


  1. I'm so glad you are sharing this. It is important information and I believe you will help someone by posting it. I certainly will read tomorrow, even though I already know.. ha!

    I just went through my first seriously late period... well over three months. My doctor had me take some meds to bring it on - I hated it because they are hormones and they make me all wackadoodle. Anyways, at least they worked and I did get another period since then, but it was late.. not as late, but still late. My body is working through something. I haven't yet had a mammogram, but I know it is in my future. I keep up with all my yearly appointments, though. They are so important!

  2. Yes, keeping up with our yearly appointments is very important! When I was in my late 20’s my OBGYN (same doc I have now) picked up something on my right ovary the size of a golf ball. He found it just from the exam. Then he ordered an ultrasound to check it out further. It turned out that some birth control pills made it go away and I haven’t had any problems since.

    Now, if my blood work were to come back not being premenopausal then he would have given me that medicine to make my body have a period.


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