March 4, 2013

Well...? Are you going to guess?

Well, did you guess who that was in my picture? I'll give you a hint: He sings an awesome song about forgiveness. I think I posted that song not too long ago right here on my blog. Come on...take a guess! Who is it? :)

We wound up being Winter Jam Rejects - no joke! There were a bunch of us who showed up at the concert on Friday a bit late. To be honest, we didn't expect the Civic to sell out at the door! I'm pretty sure there were about ten thousand people from Omaha inside of the Civic enjoying themselves.

Well, they wound up letting us inside of the Civic, too...we just couldn't go upstairs or inside with everyone else. Instead, our show was free and some of the artists came down to the corridor to put on a little show for us. I felt sorry for the peeps that drove four or five hours to get to Omaha. Oh well...we still had fun.

We were probably in the hall jamming out with Toby Mac's drummer, the dude in my picture (I really want you to guess who that is), and some young brothers (I can't remember their names and I'm too lazy to go look at the CD we bought. I think their names are BOB or BBO or something like that), and then some dude from American Idol sang for us as well.

Afterward, the fire marshal said the corridor was at max capacity; so, we had to leave. But, before we left Don picked up some Christian music for only $5 bucks a piece. They were full on CDs without all the mark-up. Nice!!

We had a lot of fun. The girls had a blast and we ran into some peeps from church who wound up being Winter Jam Rejects, too. :)

Next year if TobyMac comes back we will leave for the show as soon as our kiddos get out of school. We will hit a drive through and then be on our way. We won't be Winter Jam Rejects next year.

You know...the whole entire experience got me thinking about when Jesus talks about the first being last and the last being first. We got to be pretty up close and personal with the artists. Had we been able to get inside the Civic we would not have had a chance to be so close to them. We were right there...right next to them...many got to talk to the artists personally. It was great!!

If only we could get Taylor Swift to lower the price on her tickets...:) :) :)

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