March 8, 2013

Parent Teacher Conferences: Miss K :)

We had parent teacher conferences yesterday. Don took half the day off from work so he could be with us. We really enjoyed visiting with the teachers to discuss strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to be able to handle constructive feedback from teachers because without it we might miss something along the way. We also got a peak into what we can expect down the road. I left both conferences feeling encouraged along with a plan for what we’ll be working on over the summer as a family. It was also nice to hear how well behaved, kind, and respectful Fiona and Kinsley are with their classmates as well as their teachers.

Learning Skills: Kinsley's Initiative in that area is Outstanding. Her Cooperation level is Outstanding. In the area of taking Responsibility she is Outstanding. Her Work Habits, Self-Control, and Problem Solving are all Satisfactory.

Reading/Language Arts: Kinsley's Performance level in that area is Proficient and her Effort is Outstanding. 

Reading Level: Kinsley received straight plus signs all the way across the board which means that she is reading above grade level. 

I have to say that Kinsley's reading skills blow my mind. She is reading fifth grade level books. I actually had to scale her back to second grade reading level because it's not always a good idea to let them jump ahead too soon. Slow and steady is key when it comes to reading.

Writing: Kinsley's writing is Proficient and her effort is Satisfactory.

Listening/Speaking: Kinsley's performance in this area is Proficient and her effort is Satisfactory.

Mathematics: Kinsley's performance is Proficient and her effort is Outstanding.

Kinsley loves math. I can tell that she finds it to be quite challenging but not in a discouraging sense. We didn't want Kinsley to be intimidated by math so we gave that a slow and steady approach. She also realizes that sometimes math needs to be practiced and is not afraid to ask for help when she has questions. 

My husband is a math whiz. He checks their math homework and works it out with the girls daily as they bring their math assignments home. He has a knack of making math fun for them. We'll be picking up math workbooks to keep it up this summer so they don't forget what they've learned. Slow and steady review is key when it comes to math. 

Social Studies: Kinsley really knocked the ball out of the park in Social Studies. Her performance went from Proficient to Advanced. Her effort is Satisfactory. 

Science: Kinsley's performance in Science went from Proficient to Advanced.  

She also flourishes in Art, Music, and Physical Education.

One thing I would like to try and find for Kinsley this summer is an Art Class. She has come to me and asked if I can sign her up for one because she doesn't get to paint as much in first grade like she did in Kindergarten. (Her words) Kinsley has a gift when it comes to Art. She loves to paint. She is very good at it to the point where she has received the highest marks a teacher can give to an elementary school aged child in Art class. I ought to dig out all of her creations and get them framed. They would make great art pieces to be displayed in our home. If I can't find a serious art class for Kinsley then I may have to manufacture one of my own. I'm not an art major. Do I know any art majors? Hmm...I may have to look for one. Maybe UNO can make a recommendation.

In AWANA Kinsley is almost finished with her 2nd grade Sparks book. She has 9 more areas to complete and she will be done. That's not too shabby since we have 5 weeks of AWANA left. Yay!!! 


  1. I love these updates on the girls - they are BOTH doing so well!!! Heck, even I'm proud of them!

  2. Thank you Becki. Your encouragement means the world to me. XXOO

  3. You can look online for a homeschool art curriculum. I use Rod and Staff Art Curriculum. They have curriculum for all ages.
    There is also a lady named Sharon Hofer and she has an art studio by Fort Calhoun. She offers homeschoolers art classes, but she also has a DVD set you can buy with her teaching. I'm not sure the name of her art studio though.
    I'm sure some of the art studios around town will offer classes over the summer too.

  4. Thanks for the homeschool art curriculum tips. We found a place here in town that has canvas painting, clay hand building, glass fusion, pottery, painting, etc. They also host parties, camps, and classes throughout the year. We’re excited!


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