March 5, 2013

10 On Tues: Happy Birthday to Me! :)

My sweet kiddos convinced their Dad to upgrade me from a hand mixer to a stand mixer. 

Don has a knack of finding the perfect card. I love my stuffed rabbit, too. 

Fiona won this duplicate book at school and decided to wrap it up for my birthday. As soon as I'm done with my theology class I will be very happy to read it. 

My girls have this knack of finding me the perfect gifts. I like that they enjoy blinging me out! ;) 

Scandalous is right! I love this color. I can't believe there is such a thing as scented perfume in the nail polish. My girls have informed me that it will smell delightful when the polish dries. I was also told the glitter polish was for an accent finger. We'll have to get our polish on sometime this week.

Hers (above) and His (below) - Enough Said

We had a great time with our good friends on Saturday at the gun range. Afterward, dinner and drinks at a French restaurant. The food was amazing and the company divine!!  

I have enjoyed all of Omaha knowing that it was my birthday this week. It's a good thing we don't believe in washing or detailing our van in the wintertime. Thanks Babe!! XXOO

Fiona and Kinsley sure do know what I like. Purple Butterflies and Love Letters...I Love my Family. I am so lucky and fortunate to be married to a man that shows our kiddos how to shower me on my birthday. Thank you God for my Wonderful Family!! 

Yep!! ;) 
LOVE, love, LOVE you guys SOOO much!! XXOO!! 


  1. Happy B-Day!!! Great gifts! I especially love the blinged-out coffee mug!

    May your birthday mark the beginning of another year full of LIFE, fun, love and wisdom! Hugs, Rach.

  2. Now no more making cookies by mixing them in a bowl??? We will have to make cookies at your house sometime now. :)

  3. My hand mixer was starting to fall apart so I was happy to receive the stand mixer. :]


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