February 26, 2013

Tax Discrepancies

We got our tax appointment moved up so we aren't trying to file on my birthday. It was actually our tax lady's idea. Love her! She's brilliant! :)

What have I been doing this evening? I've been uncovering tax discrepancies. In one scenario a charitable organization listed us as giving less than what we actually gave. Then they tried to say that our January donation was really a December donation. Uh, no...I purposely stop giving mid December so I don't have to deal with these type of discrepancies. Do I need to just skip January donations and save them for February?

Same thing for my non-employee status for one company. They have me listed as earning less than what I actually made. Uh, no...I'm an honest person. I always tell our tax gal how much I made even if it's slightly more than what the company has me listed as making. Again, I have the proof to back up my numbers. These discrepancies don't belong to us.

What do I do in these scenarios? I contact them through e-mail and then follow-up first thing in the morning with a phone call. As far as waiting for corrected documentation, ha-ha-ha! Uh, I don't wait for corrected documentation. I have everything I need to prove our numbers and I absolutely will not keep our tax lady waiting...no way!

I have a few more papers to gather up and sift through and lots of shredding to do.  Normally I keep track of mileage on certain things but since some of these amounts don't normally add up to anything I've decided to skip the mileage.

It's crunch time. I'd like to have everything done and ready to go by Thursday evening. That sounds like a plan Stan! :)


  1. You go girl! We got ours done and I am so glad it's over with for another year :):)

  2. Thanks Becki! I finally finished up yesterday afternoon. I am so happy it's over. Yay!!


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