February 21, 2013

Respiratory Infection

Kinsley has had fever on and off since she was sent home from school Tuesday. She took a turn for the worse yesterday but seems to be on track to getting better now that she has her antibiotic as well as the rest of her prescription medication our doctor wanted her to have.

One thing that I noticed through this process is that we need a new thermometer. The one we have is a digital under-the-tongue one and it had a completely different reading as compared to the doc's across-the-forehead and ear thermometers. Does anyone have a thermometer brand or type you'd like to recommend? I'm all ears and in this case eyes since we are communicating via the blog.

I would also like to say that I am getting super tired of pharmacists trying to interfere with the doctor's orders. I don't have time to debate you on your over-the-counter recommendations. One size does not fit all AND last time I checked you are NOT a doctor. Drippy sarcasm will not get you anywhere with me and certainly not when I have a sick kid in the van who needs her medication and her bed at HOME.

(I was going to share the whole story but am so exhausted from all that has happened I just don't have the energy. If you are a pharmacist reading this post I have some advice for you: please stop blaming the hospital, clinics, and doctors. Do your job and stop trying to interfere with the doctor/patient relationship. Take the initiative to pick up the phone and call the doctor/nurse if you need clarification. Don't get into it with Moms who have sick kids. We don't want to hear it!)

Can you imagine what healthcare will become once Obamacare is fully implemented?

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