February 20, 2013

Mystery Fever

Kinsley can’t seem to catch a break.

Yesterday the school nurse called while I was at Bible study to say that Kinsley was in her office sick and with a temperature of 101.0 – Oh no!

(Can I just say that I LOVE the magnet school my kids go to. The nurse really went above and beyond yesterday to help us in our time of need and I will never forget her kindness – ever.)

Kinsley wasn’t sick throwing up. She doesn’t really have a runny nose. She did develop a bit of a cough but today she hasn’t been coughing all that much. She just has a fever.

This morning when I checked her temperature she was 102.6 – The school policy is that your child must be fever-free for 24 hours before they can return to school.

(You know, I wish more parents would adopt that same policy. We might not have as many sick kids if we were all on the same sick page. I know, I know, wishful thinking on my part.)

So…since Kinsley had 102.6 this morning…that means we can’t really send her back to school tomorrow. Tomorrow is class picture day! We’re due to get 10 inches of snow tomorrow; so, I’m hoping school will be called off for tomorrow. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

So far we’ve been alternating Kinsley between Advil and Tylenol. Her ears don’t hurt so we don’t believe she has an ear infection. Her throat doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t look swollen. We decided if she still has a fever at lunch time I will call the doc and get her in before this snow storm hits. Maybe the doctor will be able to help us figure out this mystery fever.

Right now Kinsley’s job is to relax, drink plenty of fluids, and take it easy. We set up our travel DVD player in her room and she is kicking back with some of her favorite movies. She doesn’t sound all that great so I have a feeling we’ll be headed to see the doctor soon.

None of us have experienced the flu this year or strep. (Knock-on-wood) I’d like to keep it that way but do hope Kinsley will make a comeback here soon. I don’t like it when my sweet kiddos are sick.

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