February 16, 2013

I Called The Police Yesterday

We are only as sick as our secrets. Until we let them out into the light, they keep us trapped. I don't have to face it alone. 

I've known a couple of con artists in my life. My dealings with two in particular take me back to my mid to late twenties. 

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a financial institution whose headquarters is in Utah. They were looking for this gal I used to know back in the day; so, you can imagine my surprise when they asked me if I knew where I could find her. 

The name she is using belongs to her ex-husband. I know for a fact she is either re-married or co-habituating with another man in another state somewhere on the east coast using a completely different last name. Her parents, who happen to be good and decent people, live across town from me. I don't keep in touch with them or vice versa. In fact, I have not seen or heard from any of them since the mid to almost late nineties. 

Apparently this financial institution got my name from HER. She took out a loan back in 2008 on a 2004 Honda Pilot and put MY NAME on the application as a contact or point of reference. Can you believe it? I can't! Well, after reading books like The Sociopath Next Door, I can believe it. 

Here's the kicker...

I've had NOTHING to do with this individual. I told the reps on the phone I would never have anything positive to say about this individual nor would I recommend anyone take a chance on her by offering her a loan on anything let alone a 2004 Honda Pilot. 

She took out this loan in 2008 and USED MY NAME as a point of reference. WOW!! 

The rep gave me her name and number. I knew she was legit because the name of the financial institution popped up on the caller I.D. I knew when I hung up the phone I would call them back to verify the individual and speak with a completely different rep. I'm extra careful that way. 

As soon as I hung up the phone I called the non-emergency police number and left a message for them to call me back. This is stealing, fraud, theft by deception, lying, etc. You don't use anyone's name without their permission to secure anything and certainly not a loan on a vehicle. 

It's no wonder these people are looking for her. She is a phony, a fake, a fraud: A CON ARTIST

I called the financial institution back and spoke to a completely different rep. Verified the first rep. Let them know that the police had been called and to notify their fraud department. Told the guy on the phone it would be in their best interest not to remove my name from the documentation until the proper authorities could investigate. The rep agreed. 

After talking to the 2nd rep for about 20 minutes I let him know where her parents could be located. They have a better chance at finding out where the con artist lives by speaking to them than they do me. Also, informed him they were good and decent people who might be able to help them figure out where to find her. Obviously there is a problem if this financial institution is trying to recover funds she secured using MY NAME. 

I don't do liars and cheats. A few years back when my husband and I were first married someone tried to secure a cell phone plan in my name using my information. The fraud department for that company figured out how to locate me and we got the police involved in that matter. Today, I have my credit reports being watched as well as special instructions when there is awkward activity connected to my name. 

This particular individual is a con artist to the max! Hopefully she realizes there is NO WAY she can use my name and get away with it. I can't wait for the police to call me back so we can drop the ball on this one. 

Ever been conned by a con artist?


  1. I am so sorry to hear that happened. You should consider pressing charges against this person; s/he dangerous and will try their schemes again. And why this institution would have no proper screening of guarantors is beyond me (another financial institution shenanigan). Cover your ground and report the incident to any and all private organizations (credit score providers, fraud.gov, etc etc).

    I find strength in your messages and apologize for not responding sooner. I have been going through some really rough times professionally/personally finding out who really cares about me and who couldn't give a damn (or might actually be happy) if I disappeared tomorrow. It's amazing how insensitive and selfish people can be.

    Back to you. Thi fraud thing is appalling-hang in there and cover your ground. Fraud and identity theft are no joke. Thinking of you.


  2. Thanks Rach. So sorry you are going through a challenging time right now. I'll be posting an update to this saga soon.

  3. Thanks, Angela. Some of your posts have really given me perspective, comfort and optimism. I think I've turned a corner. Most important: I have a concrete plan to turn things around over the next few months, including professional training courses, doing away with nasty company, cognitive thinking (how to stop myself when I find myself going down the rabbit hole of despair, etc). Thankfully I do have a great husband who, honestly, I don't know how I'd deal w/out him (and I am so grateful to have him...I met him in my late 30s). Thanks again!!! Rach

  4. I'm so happy to know that some of the things that I post are an encouragement to you. Like you, I have a wonderful husband. He is the best. He is a blessing and an answered prayer.


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