February 12, 2013

10 On Tues: Fat Tuesday

1. Obama is a LIAR. That's pretty much the gist of the State of the Union. If you didn't watch it tonight then you didn't miss much. I live blogged it over on my political blog. You might have to hit your refresh button to get all the updates.

2. For lent I am giving up social networking. I mentioned that I would and I have. I have removed all of my computer bookmarks and did an application uninstall for all of it on my mobile phone.

3. When I say I'm giving up social networking that means I won't be participating in or looking at Facebook, Google+, Twitter, My Fitness Pal or Pinterest. Will I survive?

4. Denying myself is a big deal when it comes to social networking. I spend A LOT of time on it. I probably spend more time than I should on it. I can't help myself. I am a social being. I love being social and I love networking. Wish me luck, okay?

5. I went through all of the upcoming birthdays on Facebook and wrote people privately to wish them a happy birthday early because I knew I wouldn't be around to do it myself on the day of. Do you think that's over-the-top?

6. I haven't missed a single day in my daily bible reading. I am already in the book of Numbers. Boy am I glad Jesus redeemed me because if I had to follow all those rules in the Old Testament Law I would have been dead by now.

7. The theology class I'm taking on Bible Doctrine is fascinating. I LOVE it! I've been to two classes and hope to complete all of them. I'd like to try for the class certificate. I have 3 chapters to read this week for homework and I haven't started reading them yet. I will get started tomorrow after I take the kiddos to school.

8. I'm really enjoying our study in the book of Hebrews. I am learning so much this semester. Our teacher is phenomenal. Hebrews is not an easy book to follow and she has this way of breaking it down. By the grace of God my faith is growing by leaps and bounds this semester. I Love Women's Bible study at my church. 

9. Our washing machine broke down this week. We do not want to pay to replace the motor again. We are going to buy a new washer on Thursday. I can tell you it will not be a front loader. I might tell you why but that will be for another post. I can tell you it will have the biggest drum we can find. In the meantime our laundry is piling up. Hopefully we won't run out of clean towels before we get our new appliance. 

10. I'm glad I didn't give up chocolate for lent. Last year I gave up sweets, fast food, nuts (figurative & literal), and did my best to eat clean. I didn't exercise and still managed to lose 10 lbs. This year in addition to giving up social networking I'd like to plan to work on my fitness daily and see if I can make that butterfly move on the chart at the top of this blog. I'd like to lose 10 lbs during lent again this year. Will I do it?

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