October 31, 2012

Jack O'Lanterns

We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins last night. Kinsley has a blast helping me separate all the pumpkin goop from the seeds. Fiona has a blast drawing out the designs with a sharpie marker. She likes to do pretty much everything with a sharpie these days. Afterward, we watched an old favorite: It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. 

We have pumpkin seeds soaking and we'll roast them up this afternoon when the kiddos get home from school. But first, we are getting ready to head on over to the school for a Halloween Parade and participate in all the classroom Halloween Fun. We'll probably hit Kinsley's classroom first and then on over to Fiona's classroom we will go. 

Don is getting into this year. Every year he takes the day off from work so he can enjoy the kiddos. This year he found some neat costume gear at the Goodwill and is planning to dress up from head to toe. I will probably wear my witch hat and my usual Halloween t-shirt. I'll be snapping all the pictures, too.

Trick OR Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! 

Happy Halloween! :)  

Chinese Proverb

That the birds of worry and care fly above your head, this you cannot change. But that they build nests in your hair, this you can prevent. ~Chinese Proverb

October 30, 2012

19 On Tues: Zero Tolerance

Author Don Otis advises that we must "maintain a zero tolerance policy at home when it comes to drugs. Refuse to bail your children out of hardship, because self-inflicted pain is often what God uses to teach us what we need to learn. The consequences of life~the difficulties, trials, and hardships~are the best teachers."

When dealing with crisis situations that may include drugs, alcohol, and/or illegal activity, the following guidelines might be beneficial to consider ahead of time: 
  1. Pray for courage and strength when you are breaking the enabling cycle.
  2. If your adult child has been arrested, do not bail him out. 
  3. Call on your support group/person for intervention. 
  4. Leave your checkbook and credit cards in your wallet. Stop paying for it, no matter what "it" may be. 
  5. Step back from the situation for 48 hours before responding. 
  6. Don't talk to your addicted child personally if you can help it. (He will try to play Let's Make a Deal with you.) Refuse to answer questions, argue, listen to reasons or excuses, and so forth. 
  7. Place a script by the phone to read when your addicted child calls. Recite it and hang up. 
  8. Get yourself to an Al-Anon or a CoDA support-group meeting right away. 
  9. If there is no support group in your area, start one. It's empowering. 
  10. Deal with your own issues (guilt, anger, shame, codependency, etc.). 
  11. Learn all you can about the diseases of alcohol and drug addiction. 
  12. Be strict with whatever you say to your adult child. Mean what you say; consistency is critical! 
  13. Understand the definition of enabling. Don't do it! 
  14. Look for small steps of success and hang on to them. 
  15. Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Get strong.
  16. Couples must be in agreement on an action plan. 
  17. Remember the best medicine you can give an addict is tough love. 
  18. The words of an addict have no truth; addicts are masters of the con. 
  19. Just say no

October 29, 2012

Counterfeit Facts

We need to be very selective about our sources and even then to be very careful about accepting counterfeit "facts" for the real thing.

October 28, 2012

We must carry it with us

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Deliberate Ignorance

Deliberate ignorance is a cowardly way of avoiding responsibility.

Vincible Ignorance

Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don't know because we don't want to know. ~Irving Howe

October 27, 2012


Ohi Day (also spelled Ochi Day, Greek: Επέτειος του «'Οχι» Epeteios tou "'Ohi", Anniversary of the "No") is celebrated throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world on October 28 each year, to commemorate the rejection by Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas (in power from August 4, 1936, until January 29, 1941) of the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on October 28, 1940.

Whoever said love was easy?

This is what is hardest: to close the open hand because one loves. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

To protect our own integrity and peace of mind, we may have to redefine the word love. Sometimes no is the kindest word we can say to a family member or close friend who's in serious trouble with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, or any other ravaging obsession. Their suffering pushes all our "rescue" buttons. What we feel like doing is straightening out their messes and protecting them from further harm. If we could, we would banish all their miseries with the touch of a magic wand! But we can't. Often the only thing we can do to help our self-destructive loved ones is to stop helping completely. As hard as it is, as unnatural as it feels, we may have to make some or all of the following declarations of love if we want to shorten our loved one's path to the recovery turnoff. 
  • I love you, so I won't buy your groceries or pay your rent. 
  • I love you, so I won't loan you money or the use of my credit. 
  • I love you, so I won't call in sick for you at work. 
  • I love you, so I won't cover your bounced check. 
  • I love you, so I won't let you  move in with me. 
  • I love you, so I won't listen to your excuses or accept your lies. 
  • I love you, so I won't make your bail. 
If we know down deep that these words need to be spoken, we need to practice them until we can get them out. Many recovering people only got turned around because someone loved them enough to give them a cold shoulder instead of a helping hand. 

Whoever said that love was easy?

Growing Through Hardship

Stand firmly in the play where your dear Lord has put you, and do your best there. God sends trials or tests, and places life before us as a face-to-face opponent. It is through the pounding of a serious conflict that He expects us to grow strong. The tree planted where the fierce winds twist its branches and bend its trunk, often nearly to the point of breaking, is commonly more firmly rooted than a tree growing in a secluded valley where storms never bring any stress or strain. 

The same is true of human life. The strongest and greatest character is grown through hardship.

October 26, 2012


Kindness is the mightiest force in the world.

Someone Else's Unkindness

Someone else's unkindness is no reason for me to lower my standards for my own behavior. When I take responsibility for my actions, regardless of what other people do, I become someone I can be proud of. When I feel good about myself, it's much easier not to take insults personally.

React Vs Act

Many of us tend to react rather than act.


Gossip never enriched anyone's character.

Healing Balm

Understanding is a healing balm.

Paul Tillich Quote

The first duty of love is to listen. ~Paul Tillich

October 24, 2012

You are Valuable, Loved and Accepted

What others say about you is not nearly as important as what God says. He says you're valuable, loved and accepted! ~Joyce Meyer

Growing Into Serenity

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. ~Mark Twain 

We have often heard that no one can make us miserable without our permission. A corollary of that idea is also true: No one or nothing can make us comfortable without our own approval.

Suppose every one of our wishes and dreams came true. Suddenly we have everything we always thought it would take to make us happy. Would that do it? Would our itch finally be scratched? Perhaps not. The fact is that it is something within, not treasures from without, that grants or withholds satisfaction. In other words, we usually need to "grow into" serenity. 

If the lottery winner hasn't grown enough to handle new wealth, that prize may turn out to be a curse. If a golden opportunity arrives before we are prepared for it, it's just another reason to get down on ourselves. And our dreams of love and romance can easily be short-term if we don't have the personal stability to hold up our end of a relationship. Readiness can't be faked or wished into being. More inner growth may be necessary before we're capable of receiving what we most want.

Working my daily program prepares me for whatever comes. 

October 23, 2012

Beautiful Wickedness

The most hateful evil in the world is the evil that dresses itself in such a way that men cannot hate it. The men that make wickedness beautiful are the most utterly to be hated. ~Henry Ward Beecher

October 22, 2012

Look at a Tree

Love This!!!

Darlene Ouimet Quote

Your mother is an adult. Her life is her own, her choices are her own, and you do not need to take care of her or fix her, or do anything. She is a grown woman who is responsible for her own decisions, and she is free to do that however she sees fit, and you are free to protect yourself from her unhealthy influence by severing ties and not feeling guilty. ~Darlene Ouimet

Aeschylus Quote

It is an easy thing for one whose foot is on the outside of calamity to give advice and to rebuke the sufferer. ~Aeschylus

The Key to Healing

It may feel like an enormous risk, but talking honestly about the situation is the key to healing. ~Courage to Change

October 21, 2012

The Amazing Prince

Pretty Princess Sketch

Cute Girl

Halloween Poem

The Amazing Princess

Itsy Bitsy

There is always an enormous temptation in life to diddle around making itsy bitsy friends and meals and journeys for itsy bitsy years on end.

It is so self-conscious, so apparently moral, simply to step aside from the gaps where the creeks and winds pour down, saying, I never merited this grace, quite rightly, and then to sulk along the rest of your days on the edge of rage.

I won't have it.

The world is wilder than that in all directions, more dangerous and bitter, more extravagant and bright.

We are making hay when we should be making whoopee; we are raising tomatoes when we should be raising Cain, or Lazarus.

Ezekiel excoriates false prophets as those who have "not gone up into the gaps."

The gaps are the thing. The gaps are the spirit's one home, the altitudes and latitudes so dazzlingly spare and clean that the spirit can discover itself for the first time like a once-blind man unbound.

The gaps are the clefts in the rock where you cower to see the back parts of God; they are the fissures between mountains and cells the wind lances through, the icy narrowing fiords splitting the cliffs of mystery.

Go up into the gaps. If you can find them; they shift and vanish too.

Stalk the gaps. Squeak into a gap in the soil, turn, and unlock -- more than a maple -- a universe. This is how you spend the afternoon, and tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon. Spend the afternoon. You can't take it with you.

~Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

October 20, 2012

We also rejoice in our sufferings

Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. ~Romans 5:3-5

Passport to Inertia

"Surrender to God's will does not give us a passport to inertia. Each of us must try to carry out God's will, which He transmits to us in ways we recognize only after we have made ourselves willing and aware." ~One Day At A Time

October 19, 2012

Good Time


God Is Awake

Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake. ~Victor Hugo

Different Is Just Different

Agreement is made more precious by disagreement. ~Publilius Syrus

In our longing for harmonious relationships, we can sometimes get very stubborn, very insistent, very hard-headed about how much agreement is possible~or even desirable~between two people. Somehow it becomes our very mission to inform, persuade, and convince the other that our way of thinking is better than theirs. 

But real agreement can't be forced anymore than love can. People have a right to their own opinions. They aren't "wrong" if they disagree with our political or religious beliefs, our tastes in humor or leisure time activities. Different is just different. When we try to convert people against their will, the best we can hope for is a sort of an arm-twisted conformity. They may go along with us on the outside, just to stop the argument, but true conversion is an inside job. 

As we grow in self-esteem, we'll have less need to impose our own views on other people. As we become more aware of and comfortable with the incredible diversity in ourselves, we'll find it easier to allow diversity in others. Perhaps we'll even come to appreciate and enjoy our areas of disagreement as the spice of life that they are. 

Perfect agreement with others is an unrealistic goal. 

H/T: Believing In Myself by Earnie Larsen & Carol Hegarty

October 17, 2012

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Like Ever!

I heard this on the radio while I was working out! I quite like it!

Successful relationships endure because of skills not feelings

Loving and making relationships work are not the same thing.
~Earnie Larsen 

Many people's self-esteem is shaken if a promising relationship begins to deteriorate. This is true especially if that relationship was entered into with heart full of love and "forever" expectations. When we find that somehow, some way it is not working, we simply can't believe it. We always believed that if we loved enough, all other problems would solve themselves. 

The truth is that loving and making a relationship work can easily be two different things. Successful relationships endure because of skills~not feelings. All the loving in the world does not necessarily translate into the ability to communicate, for example. To assume that these essential skills are present, when they are not, is to take a long walk on a short pier. Especially if our self-esteem rides on the back of that relationship.

The saving fact about skills, however, is that they can be learned. Lack of skill is no cause for loss of self-esteem. It can be the motivation we need to start learning how to make a relationship work over the long haul. No doubt when we are more reliable, honest, and realistic, our relationships will have a better chance of survival. 

Making relationships work takes more than love. 

H/T: Believing In Myself by Earnie Larsen & Carol Hegarty

October 16, 2012

Shake Me Down

I heard this song on the radio today while I was working out. I like it.

October 15, 2012

Today I will practice forgiveness

The most loving form of detachment I have found has been forgiveness. Instead of thinking of it as an eraser to wipe another's slate clean or a gavel that I pound to pronounce someone "not guilty," I think of forgiveness as a scissors. I use it to cut the strings of resentment that bind me to a problem or a past hurt. By releasing resentment, I set myself free.

When I am consumed with negativity over another person's behavior, I have lost my focus. I needn't tolerate what I consider unacceptable, but wallowing in negativity will not alter the situation. If there is action to take, I am free to take it. Where I am powerless to change the situation, I will turn it over to God. By truly letting go, I detach and forgive.

When my thoughts are full of bitterness, fear, self-pity, and dreams of revenge, there is little room for love or for the quiet voice of guidance within me. I am willing to love myself enough to admit that resentments hold me back, and then I can let them go.

Today's Reminder

Every time I try to tighten the noose of resentment around someone's neck, I am really only choking myself. Today I will practice forgiveness instead.

"A part of me wants to cling to old resentments, but I know that the more I forgive, the better my life works."

H/T: Courage to Change

October 14, 2012

Found a piece of my childhood

Found a piece of my childhood today at Goodwill. It made me remember when Halloween costumes used to be sold in boxes with the rubber band face masks. I think I was Broom Hilda for Halloween back when I was Fiona's age.

October 13, 2012

The Awesome Family by Kinsley

This is what a family looks like.
This family looks cute.
I love my family.

The Tornado

This is a BIG and BAD tornado by Fiona :)

The Magic Box by Kinsley

Do not open this magic box 
It's for somebody else

Oh no! They opened the box! 
Now they're in trouble...
Uh Oh!

Have a Great Weekend Y'all

There's a saying out there that says when one door closes another door opens. That's so true. There are times when I prefer to stand out in the hallway. Sometimes it's safer that way.

I laughed so hard at all those Greek comedic videos I posted yesterday that my throat hurts today and I'm feeling great health-wise. I think I spent about 90 minutes on Mr. Panos' YouTube page watching as many videos I could get my hands on. He is a comedic genius.

The Texas Longhorns are getting their asses handed to them on a platter by OU today. It's not a pretty sight. I'd like to see them turn it around and come back. This is not good.

Don took the girls to our local homeless shelter to do a Saturday service project together. I think they got to play with some of the kids that are living at the shelter. They came home with a craft project. They said they want to go back and help out so I think that means they liked it.

I've been off the workout wagon for awhile. The desire to work out comes and goes. Sometimes I am on a workout roll and other times not-so-much. I try not to beat myself up over it. I'm not gaining weight so I can't complain.

Got a couple of projects completed around the house this last week. My front door is now a beautiful deep red color. I love it! The garage door has been painted the same color as the house and brand new white weather stripping went up yesterday so we are good to go! Now all we need to do is replace the outer door with a new one with white trip, knock out the old stair rails and the front of the house will be looking pretty snazzy next year. Now if I could get my garden to cooperate with me.

Not really sure what I will accomplish today. I got a lot of computer work done so far. I think I'll take a break and see what I can work on around the house today. I think the sun is trying to come out so I may have a chance to spend some time outside today. Have a great weekend y'all!

October 12, 2012

My new favorite page on facebook: Mr. Panos!!! LOL!!! I can't stop laughing!!! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!

View with caution. There is colorful Greek language as well as colorful English language. Please do not watch these videos without first putting on your sense of humor hat. Be prepared to laugh your butt off!

October 11, 2012


Each of us has the right and the obligation to make our own decisions. It is character-destroying to usurp that right.

October 9, 2012

Confuse not the business of others

"Study to be quiet, and to do your own business." (Thessalonians) "...and confuse not the business of others with your own."

Surrender does not mean submission

Surrender does not mean submission~it means I'm willing to stop fighting reality, to stop trying to do God's part, and to do my own.

I do not lose face when I concede that I am not in control. So it is with everything in my life. The best way I've found to invite serenity is to recognize that the world is in good hands.

Today I can be grateful that the earth will continue to revolve without any help from me. I am free to live my own life, safe in the knowledge that God is taking care of the world, my loved ones, and myself.

The first step prepares us for a new life, which we can achieve only by letting go of what we cannot control, and by undertaking, one day at a time, the monumental task of setting our world in order through a change in our own thinking.

October 8, 2012

Ladies Tuesday Morning Bible Study

I am thoroughly enjoying ladies Tuesday morning bible study. This year it's called Real Truth....True Joy and it's the study of Galatians and Philippians. Today I'm feeling compelled to share a couple of snippets with you. These are sections I have highlighted in my workbook bright yellow so I don't miss anything.

Paul uses various analogies, situations, and scripture to convince the Galatians that Christians are saved by grace alone through faith alone. However, theology is useless unless it is put into practice, so in the final two chapters of the letter, Paul writes about ethics~or more precisely how the truths he has discussed can be applied to a believers life. 

That gets me excited! :) 

Dr. Philip Ryken says, "The truth is that anyone who uses freedom to indulge the flesh is not really free at all." Yet they believe they are free.


Agape is UNCONDITIONAL love. It is the kind of love God has for us, and that we ought to have for one another. 


Concerning the aspect of "kindness," Dr. Terry Johnson says that it goes "a step beyond" patience. He writes, "Kindness is not merely enduring the foolishness and failure of others. Kindness is not content to merely tolerate. It is not content with merely putting up with another. It must actually return acts of love. It refuses to be unkind. It refuses to return evil for evil. It will not be rude. It will not insult. It will not degrade. It is courteous to enemies. It is helpful to critics. It is good to those who hate it, it blesses those who curse, it prays for those who mistreat."

I don't believe kindness would gossip either. Any more I ask myself, "What's your motivation?" or "What do you hope to accomplish?" 

Have there been times when I have over-shared? Oh, you bet! I learn from each and every time, too. It's a process. The thing is that there is hope for me yet because I have the guts to admit where I have fallen short. I can only control myself. (Thank goodness for that!)

God is not done with me yet and I'm getting to a place where I can move forward. 

"Through the Spirit, we become patient of others, even when provoked...Patience is spoken of in connection with humility, gentleness, forbearance, steadfastness, 'bearing with one another in love,' not repaying 'evil for evil,' but instead seeking that which is good for one another and for all men." ~Terry Johnson

This week's section was on Galatians 5:1-26. Love It! 

If you are interested in hearing our instructor speak on this section message me and I will share the link where you can listen in on this week's lesson. I'll bet you can go back and catch yourself up on all the lessons if you want. So far they are all very good, in my honest and humble opinion.

Thomas A'Kempis Quote

Whenever a man desires anything inordinately, he is presently disquieted within himself. ~Thomas A'Kempis <---Smart Dude

Lin Yutang Quote

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials. ~Lin Yutang

October 7, 2012

Poor Sushi Down :)

Hey, are you awake?

Well...are you getting up?


Did you say...WALK?

I give up.

October 6, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday Ree!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Our first daughter is 21 years old today. We Love YOU Lauren. Your sisters Love YOU. I Love YOU. Happy Birthday!!! Have fun, be safe. ♥ ♥ ♥

Constructive Attitudes

Sometimes it happens that a member at a meeting "talks good Al-Anon" but those who know her well are aware that it is only skin-deep. She professes compassion for the alcoholic, but all the softness goes out the window when she is crossed or disappointed or annoyed. The real, untamed faults come through, and she hardly even realizes it herself.

When we make only superficial changes in ourselves, and give only ardent lip service to the program, our progress is slow and our relapses many. The regeneration must be a true spiritual rebirth. It must go very deep, with each character flaw replaced by a new and good quality.

Today's Reminder

I must be completely honest with myself in uncovering the faults which hamper my spiritual growth. One by one, watchfully and painstakingly, I will replace them with constructive attitudes.

"Men imagine they communicate their virtue...only by overt actions and words. They do not see that virtue or its opposite emits a breath at every moment." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson: Self-Reliance

H/T: One Day At A Time

My life will continue to get better

Although the crisis that brought us to Al-Anon may be past, there is always something new to learn, even after years of recovery. We change. Opportunities for spiritual growth, as well as new character defects, pop up like weeds in a newly-mowed lawn, and we find ourselves turning to the steps for a fresh look.

I experienced this one day when I noticed that I had begun to be angry much of the time. I thought that other people and situations were to blame, but I decided to concentrate on my own part of the picture. I took a written inventory of my memories, feelings, and behavior whenever I lost my serenity, and then read it aloud to someone I trust. As I read, the common thread~the exact nature of my wrongs~jumped out at me. My problem was my pride and arrogance, not my situation. The need to be right was robbing me of my serenity in all kinds of situations.

No matter how long I work the Al-Anon program, I will never cease finding new ways to apply it to my life. That is a blessing, for it means that my life will continue to get better.

Today's Reminder

There is something new for me to learn today. I will open my mind and my heart to the lessons my Higher Power brings me.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning." ~Albert Einstein 

H/T: Courage to Change

Seriously Out of Whack

It is only too easy to compel a sensitive human being to feel guilty about anything. ~Morton Irving Seiden

When our self-esteem account runs short, guilt is often the culprit. Not guilt in the sense of, "I took the  money," but "I am responsible for everything~so this must be my fault, too." There's no surer way of depleting self-esteem than to take on the responsibility for everyone's feelings, happiness, or need to be accepted. Nobody's pockets are that deep!

Sooner or later our resources run out. Somebody's feelings are hurt, somebody else feels rejected, and yet another person and another and another are lining up, waiting for a "happiness handout," an ear to bend, a shoulder to lean on. Exhausted as we are, we may immediately blame ourselves for not having more to give. We may not see at all that our sense of obligation is seriously out of whack.

Managing self-esteem means trading in unhealthy guilt for healthy concern. Each of the responses to other people's miseries is very different from the other. Unjustified guilt springs from a false idea about our role in other people's lives. It implies that we not only can but should do for others what they should be doing for themselves. Concern is the loving, caring interest that helps other people find their own answers.

Knee-jerk guilt is a setup for low self-esteem.

H/T: Believing In Myself

He did not open his mouth

He did not open his mouth. (Isaiah 53:7)

What grace it requires when we are misunderstood yet handle it correctly, or when we are judged unkindly yet receive it in holy sweetness! Nothing tests our character as a Christian more than having something evil said about us. This kind of grinding test is what exposes whether we are solid gold or simply gold-plated metal. If we could only see the blessings that lie hidden in our trials, we would say like David, when Shimei cursed him, "Let him curse....It may be that the LORD will...repay me with good for the cursing I am receiving today" (2 Sam. 16:11-12).

Some Christians are easily turned away from the greatness of their life's calling by pursuing instead their own grievances and enemies. They ultimately turn their lives into one petty whirlwind of warfare. It reminds me of trying to deal with a hornet's nest. You may be able to dispense the hornets, but you will probably be terribly stung and receive nothing for your pain, for even their honey has no value.

May God grant us more of the Spirit of Christ, who, "when they hurled their insults at him,...did not retaliate...Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly" (1 Peter 2:23). "Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart" (Heb. 12:3). ~A. B. Simpson

For you He walked along the path of woe,
He was sharply struck with His head bent low. 
He knew the deepest sorrow, pain, and grief, 
He knew long endurance with no relief, 
He took all the bitter from death's deep cup, 
He kept no blood drops but gave them all up. 
Yes, for you, and for me, He won the fight 
To take us to glory and realms of light. 


H/T: Streams In the Desert

October 5, 2012

The Meaning of the Serenity Prayer

When I say the Serenity Prayer, over and over again, I could fall into the habit of merely parroting the words without being aware of their meaning. This would blunt one of my most useful tools. If I think of the meaning of each phrase as I say it, my understanding will grow and along with it my capability to realize the difference between what I can change, and what I cannot.

The prayer states first that there are elements in my life which I have no power to change; my serenity depends upon my accepting them. The more I fight them, the more they will torment me. "Courage to change the things I can" give me unlimited freedom to work on those elements which are my concern.

Today's Reminder

The Serenity Prayer suggests I ask God "for courage to change the things I can." The word is things, not people. True, there is much room for improvement in my life, but it can come only from changing my own attitudes and action for the better. 

"In every problem, great and small, the Serenity Prayer will work for me if I keep aware of its meaning every time I say it."

Cutie Pies :)

Love your kids for who they are

Love your kids for who they are and not for what they do. Embarrassing them on Facebook or in public is not the answer. There is nothing shameful about getting a family counselor or discussing your situation with a “safe” person in private. If you think your parenting is perfection…think again. No parent is perfect…we all make mistakes. Don’t let your kids grow up thinking your love is conditional and based only on how they perform. Also, what your kids do is not a reflection on you. If your kids do good…they made that choice. If your kids do bad…they made that choice. It had nothing to do with you. But, if you shame them publicly you are potentially contributing to their demise. Think about that. Love them for who they are…not what they do.

October 4, 2012

Me with a Purple Butterfly

The Best Dad Ever

Sunshine Girl

This picture Fiona drew is supposed to be one big picture. For some strange reason my scanner decided to cut the sun out. After scanning Fiona's drawing I came back to take a look and there were two pictures instead of one. I'm still unclear as to why my scanner did that to her picture. In any case, I LOVE It! Look how happy the sun is! The little girl is cheesing she's so happy. I'll take it!