December 4, 2012

The 1st Christmas Card of the Season

The first Christmas card of the Season came in the mail today from our local homeless shelter. It will be the first one up on the front of my kitchen cupboards. Every year for Christmas I tape all the Christmas cards and pictures on the front of all the kitchen cupboards. It's very festive and it's an affordable way to decorate our home for Christmas.

I keep all of the Christmas cards and Christmas letters along with family pictures that people send us every year. I wind up placing those in Christmas scrapbooks that wind up being a kind of Christmas diary. Those scrapbooks get placed on the coffee table as a conversation piece. I am a few years behind on the Christmas scrapbooks but that's okay because I write the year on the back of all the cards in order to keep track of what needs to be scrapped first.

As for the holiday cards that make it to our house those get taped and placed on the backs of all the doors in the house. I have Christmas cards that date all the way back to when I was a little girl. Some of the cards have notes written by loved ones who are no longer with us. It's a wonderful memory keepsake and I Love it!

I also love filling out our own cards, attaching family photos, and once in awhile when I'm feeling it I will write a Christmas letter...I Love it! It's fun! For me, it's part of Christmas and snail mail is the only way to go.

This year I took it a step further...I ordered Christmas stamps and special address labels with our family's photo on them. Fun...Fun...Fun...over the top? Perhaps but that's what happens when you're dealing with someone who loves Christmas half as much as I do. It's my favorite Holiday of the entire year.

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