December 3, 2012

Speculating Attitudes and Motives

Speculating on other people's attitudes and motives is a waste of time and effort. To search out the reasons for my own is a voyage of discovery!


  1. Yup. And you know what else? Other peoples motives can be as complicated and messy as our own to the extent that THEY might not even know what their motive why bother trying to understand what THEY don't???

    I've tried to actively stop this type of analysis and junk yard in my mind. As soon as I sense it I say "STOP". I've gotten better at it, but not 100% successful.

    Thanks for posting on your journey. One never reaches, I guess, an "ideal finishing line" but one can definitely embark on prettier, sunnier roads on the journey towards it.


  2. Hiya R,

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