December 5, 2012

My NEW Game: Treadmill Time


I've been working out pretty consistently for a couple of weeks now and think I've figured out a way to keep my interest going so I can reach my goal! I've thought about this for awhile now and think I've come up with a plan to make working out a bit more competitive and fun for myself. You're not gonna believe what sparked my NEW game!? LOL :)

The NEW game is called Treadmill Time...only before...I was looking at it like a chore...tedious...boring...not very challenging...blah blah blah. Low and behold I started to really THINK about what it is I like to do for FUN on a daily basis when I'm not really doing anything productive. One thing I like to do is play Words With Friends or SCRAMBLE...and lately it's been SONG POP!! What can I say? It's FUN. :) 

I got to thinking about how every day I try to break a NEW score and to see where I am on the leader-board. That's when it hit me!! Yep, I'm turning Treadmill Time into a game. So far my best time in about two weeks has been today's NEW high score!!! See the picture up top? That's my new high score!! It doesn't get any better than that until I improve on my time. I've decided since I don't really like exercising, 30 minutes will be the longest amount of time I will torture myself playing this game. LMBO!!! LOL!! :) 

No matter what happens I've been doing crunches and working with weights, too. BUT, on the treadmill today I decided on minutes 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, and 26 that I would run for 1 full minute at 6 mph. I didn't know if I could do it but I did and it worked out for me!!! 

Also, when I'm on the Treadmill I have my iPod going usually on a radio channel to music. When the radio station goes to commercial I start climbing at 3.5 miles p/hour. Every time a new commercial comes on I increase the incline by half. If I happen to hit a minute where I'm supposed to run for that minute at 6 mph then I do...BUT I run on that incline I've landed myself on during the commercials. When the commercials are over the incline goes all the way back down to 1.

When I'm not running for a minute at 6 mph or working my incline during a commercial break...I am trying to run one of the songs at 5 mph and if I'm not doing THAT then I speed walk at 4 mph. At the end of the day the NEW high score will need to beat what I've posted above and it has to be within the 30 minute time frame. Are you confused yet? :)

When I do beat my high score you will know it!!! :) 

Okay...I'm off to do my crunches now. Wish me luck...Oh and when I finally start dropping the weight you'll know that, too because the butterfly will move closer to the 35 lb mark in my blog's sidebar. to you later!!! :) 

PS I know some of you were asking me about C25K. I think C25K is a great idea but it wasn't really working for me. I can't put my finger on it. I needed to mix things up and taking a break in between workouts wasn't working for me. I need to be working out every day if possible. I already have days I won't be able to exercise for this, that and the other...know what I mean?

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