December 8, 2012

Mixing Up Presents Under the Tree

This year we decided it's time to start putting our presents under the Christmas tree! We had not done so before because we didn't think little ones would be able to keep their hands off the presents. This year the little ones are soon-to-be 9 and 7 so we are confident they will do fine with presents under the tree. Another reason we neglected to do this was because we were not confident our fury family members would be able to contain themselves. This year I am confident that Sushi (our mini-pin) will do nothing but sniff the packages. As long as we don't wrap food we should be fine.

My husband is one amazing and brilliant guy. He has come up with a plan to keep the kids guessing as to whose presents belong to whom. If a present is for a cousin will will write their name on their gift for all to see. BUT, if the present is for Princess F then there will be a name other than hers that begins with the letters A-L. If the present is for Miss K then there will be a name that begins with M-Z. We are pretty confident this will prevent any manhandling of the presents when we cannot be in there presence. Pretty darn cool I'd say! :)

Our babysitter came over last night and sat with the girls so we could get some Christmas shopping done. We grabbed some dinner, went to a toy store, and then found ourselves in another store that stays open 24 hours. It was a good time. I love shopping for children at Christmas!! Next week I will be out and about taking advantage of the fact that the kids will be in school. I can shop and wrap presents to my heart's content without being walked in on.

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