December 24, 2012

Healing Medicine for the Troubled

There is an easier way to rid ourselves of painful thoughts and imaginings than by following the philosopher's advice: "Empty your mind . . . ." It is to replace worry and distress with something pleasant.

When I do this, I am not running away from my troubles, but clearing my mind of confusion, so I will be better able to make decisions when the time comes to do so.

Constant dwelling on disturbing matters never solves anything; trying to follow the convolutions of a problem only makes me lose all sense of proportion about it.

Today's Reminder

I will turn to simple things: the contemplation of a tree or a cloud; writing a long-deferred letter or making something, perhaps a bird-house, a rag doll or a cake. I will deliberately lose myself in the new preoccupation so that when I come back from it, my thoughts will be freshened and ready to deal clearly with what I have to face.

"A change of scene, a new interest, a creative undertaking~these are healing medicine for the troubled."

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