November 21, 2012

We Decide the History of the World

History is the record of an encounter between character and circumstance. ~Donald Creighton

The history of the world is a terrible and wonderful story of the contest between people and their circumstances. From the invention of the wheel to the splitting of the atom, the human race has struggled to do, to be, to leave its mark from one generation to the next. Through revolutions and wars, inventions and discoveries, the choices that people made told the story. Dishonorable, cowardly decisions invariably have led us to corruption and destruction. Honorable, visionary decisions have led us to creation and advancement.

The course of our own, personal histories is much the same. Each life is a struggle between the opposing forces of deterioration and creativity, hope and despair, vision or blindness. Chapter by chapter, we make the choices. Because this is our own story, we are both the bad guys and the good guys. So what will it be~Attila the Hun or Charlemagne the Wise? Hitler? Gandhi? The death dealer or the peacemaker? We decide.

Everyday circumstances await the content of character to determine if this moment will be a golden renaissance or a dark age. Choosing is our privilege as well as our responsibility. Whether we want it or not, the pen is in our hand.

My self-esteem rides on the roles I assign myself.

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