November 4, 2012

Search Yourself

Someone once remarked that the main source of our unhappiness is that we ourselves don't know what we want. We think we're dissatisfied with what we have, with the way we live, and the way other people act toward us. He suggested  that each person dig down deep to see what we really feel would bring us contentment.

If this self-searching reveals only that we are disgruntled because we feel we deserve a better car, a bigger house or more money, we must dig still deeper for the real cause. Is it envy of others? Is it our inability to enjoy fully what we do have? Do we, in defense of our own shortcomings, look for excuses to blame others? 

Today's Reminder

I can find serenity only by rooting out my discontent. I must acknowledge to myself the real reasons why I react as I do. Am I doing my share? If not, my dissatisfaction may be due to unrecognized guilt. Is it difficult for me to feel and expression appreciation? I will try to develop a sense of gratitude. Do I expect others to behave according to my expectations? I will live and let live.

"It really adds up to this: that we're not satisfied with ourselves, and we can certainly do something about that." 

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