November 20, 2012

EXERCISE: Is the Difficult Person in Your Life a Narcissist?

Read through the items listed below and check off any that apply to the difficult person in your life. Only check off a trait if it is expressed excessively, meaning it occurs more often than not.

  1. Self-absorbed (acts like everything is all about him or her)
  2. Entitled (makes the rules; breaks the rules)
  3. Demeaning (puts you down, bullyish)
  4. Demanding (of whatever he or she wants)
  5. Distrustful (suspicious of your motives when you're being nice to him or her) 
  6. Perfectionistic (rigidly high standards~his or her way or no way) 
  7. Snobbish (believes he or she is superior to you and others; gets bored easily) 
  8. Approval seeking (craves constant praise and recognition) 
  9. Unempathic (uninterested in understanding your inner experience, or unable to do so) 
  10. Unremorseful (cannot offer a genuine apology) 
  11. Compulsive (gets overly consume with details and minutiae) 
  12. Addictive (cannot let go of bad habits; uses them to self-soothe)
  13. Emotionally detached (steers clear of feelings)

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