October 1, 2012

We went to the Zoo on Friday

The kids didn't have school on Friday or today so we have a 4 day weekend. Friday we took the kids to eat lunch at the Bohemian Cafe and then we spent the entire day at the zoo. We had a lot of fun. 

Saturday we stayed home and did absolutely nothing. It's nice having days like that. 

Sunday we went to church. What a great sermon! After church we took to the kids to eat at one of our favorite places, Granite City. It's been a long time since we had brunch at Granite City. In my honest opinion, they have the best brunch in Omaha...that we know of. 

We finally watched the Avengers last night! It was good! I think my favorite characters on that movie are Iron Man and Hulk. Hulk made us laugh a lot. It was pretty neat how they inserted humor into that movie in a comic-book sort of way. 

Since we have the day off again today I think I will take the kids to see a movie. Sushi has a spa appointment at 1 PM. She's getting her nails trimmed and a dog-style bath and some grooming to-boot. I'm sure she will like that - a lot. But first I need to call the vet and ask them to fax over proof that she is up to date on her rabies shots. (She is.) 

The kids love going to the book store so I might surprise them with a trip to the book store after I find a movie. Since it's Monday, we'll probably start working on our Bible verses for Wednesday and I will dive into my Bible Study for tomorrow. Yes, I'm a procrastinator. It's okay. :) 

I'm also starting another new book this week. It's called: Children of the Self-Absorbed. A Grown-Up's Guide to Getting Over Narcissistic Parents. At the bottom of the book it says: Protecting yourself, letting go of old patterns, and building a new sense of self. Should be a good book. I've been interested in all things Psychology lately. I'm loving it because I'm seeing the world in a different light. It is pulling me in a new direction with my life and it feels pretty good. 

Kind of like a Butterfly...I am in a new phase of my life and I Love It! 

That's what's going on with me. What's going on with you? How have you been? Can you relate? Do you dig it? :)


  1. 1. We are going to the zoo on Thursday. Ruwe Homeschool field trip. :) We are going to look at things that we have been learning in science class.
    2. Narcissism. A very interesting topic. I had to read a book about that in German in college, it was written by Nietzsche. Many people have also said that people on Facebook reflect narcissism too. What do you think?
    3. I'm glad you are out having fun with your kids and not one of those parents that COMPLAIN when the kids have a day off!
    4. Steve had a great sermon in church on Sunday.
    5. My kids also love the bookstore, wait, I do too!
    6. We also start working on our AWANA verses on Monday.
    Those are my thoughts!

  2. Hi Charla! :]

    1. That should be a fun trip to the zoo for you guys. It's beautiful this time of the year. Wait until you see all the changes. Every time I go there it seems like something new has been constructed. Have you seen the fruit bats in the jungle? It's incredible to be able to be up close and personal with these bats.

    2. I think everyone is narcissist to a degree. Some have healthy levels of narcissism and others are off the charts full blown personality disorder. Now that I've been studying narcissism I am recognizing it on facebook, television, on the internet - it's everywhere. The other thing I am learning about narcissism is that not all narcissists are sociopaths (not to be confused with psychopath) but all sociopaths are narcissistic. Back to facebook, as a general rule of thumb I always assume people use facebook as a social networking tool but can totally see how it could be construed as narcissistic. One thing is for sure - social networking is probably a narcissist's dream come true. But, then again - these kind of people are everywhere.

    3. We had the best day ever. :]

    4. The sermons are awesome!!! I especially enjoyed having the speaker Sunday before last. I think I may have cried a little bit. He really got me going.

    5. I love the bookstore too. I could spend all afternoon in them. Lately I've been going to them on Tuesday's after bible study in the morning while the kids are in school. There is nothing quite like being in a book store or library by yourself. :]

    6. Normally I like to start AWANA verses on Thursdays but lately we have been so busy that we don't get around to it until Monday. If we start on Thursday we can usually get 4 sections done. If we start on Monday we can get 1 or 2 sections done. What I like to do is work on the verses and then we do the story time w/the CD at the end before Wednesday. The verses tend to make more sense once they learn them and then put it all together with the story.

    Remember my bag from London that I turned into a Bible bag?? :] Well, last Wednesday every single girl in my group had their bibles. I about cried! :] It worked!


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