October 9, 2012

Surrender does not mean submission

Surrender does not mean submission~it means I'm willing to stop fighting reality, to stop trying to do God's part, and to do my own.

I do not lose face when I concede that I am not in control. So it is with everything in my life. The best way I've found to invite serenity is to recognize that the world is in good hands.

Today I can be grateful that the earth will continue to revolve without any help from me. I am free to live my own life, safe in the knowledge that God is taking care of the world, my loved ones, and myself.

The first step prepares us for a new life, which we can achieve only by letting go of what we cannot control, and by undertaking, one day at a time, the monumental task of setting our world in order through a change in our own thinking.

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