October 2, 2012

Ready for Old Man Winter

I had no intention of doing any hard core shopping when I took the girls to Super Target. All I wanted to do was pick up some photo albums, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and maybe some chapstick. Oh and I needed to pick up a big yellow manila envelope so I could mail a t-shirt to a friend. So we walk through the door and the entire girl's section is all decked out in winter gear. It's not every day you see matching coats to go with snow pants. So I had the girls try some winter coats on. These were double lined, soft, and warm. Picked up Large for Fiona and a Medium for Kinsley. They have matching snow pants, hats, and gloves too. The funny part is that it was not my intention to make them match. They are getting to the age where I let them pick out what they want as long as I'm satisfied with the quality and look of the item. At first Kinsley went for something totally different from Fiona but I had to tell her no because she was going for froo-froo and I was going for sturdy and warm. She didn't seem to mind that I told her no which is a good thing. Then Fiona convinces her that they should get matching outfits which I like because I think they are adorable when they are matching. Apparently they think it's fun to match too. So we got them all squared away before old man winter hits and everyone keeps saying we are in for a doozy this year since we didn't have much of a winter last year. So then Kinsley chimes in: "But Mom!!! We need BOOTS!!!" We found boots too. SPARKLY, BLINGY, PURPLE BOOTS!!! Aren't they cute??

After we finished our whirlwind shopping trip, we picked up Sushi from her spa-day, took her home, picked up around the house, got some laundry going, and then off to the movies we went to see "The Odd Life of Timothy Green." All  I'm gonna say is it was a neat movie. We loved it!!! While we were waiting for the movie to start I played around with my camera phone and came up with these pictures of the girls. 

Love you guys!!! I had the best day ever!!! I can't wait to do it again!!! xoxox :)

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