October 8, 2012

Ladies Tuesday Morning Bible Study

I am thoroughly enjoying ladies Tuesday morning bible study. This year it's called Real Truth....True Joy and it's the study of Galatians and Philippians. Today I'm feeling compelled to share a couple of snippets with you. These are sections I have highlighted in my workbook bright yellow so I don't miss anything.

Paul uses various analogies, situations, and scripture to convince the Galatians that Christians are saved by grace alone through faith alone. However, theology is useless unless it is put into practice, so in the final two chapters of the letter, Paul writes about ethics~or more precisely how the truths he has discussed can be applied to a believers life. 

That gets me excited! :) 

Dr. Philip Ryken says, "The truth is that anyone who uses freedom to indulge the flesh is not really free at all." Yet they believe they are free.


Agape is UNCONDITIONAL love. It is the kind of love God has for us, and that we ought to have for one another. 


Concerning the aspect of "kindness," Dr. Terry Johnson says that it goes "a step beyond" patience. He writes, "Kindness is not merely enduring the foolishness and failure of others. Kindness is not content to merely tolerate. It is not content with merely putting up with another. It must actually return acts of love. It refuses to be unkind. It refuses to return evil for evil. It will not be rude. It will not insult. It will not degrade. It is courteous to enemies. It is helpful to critics. It is good to those who hate it, it blesses those who curse, it prays for those who mistreat."

I don't believe kindness would gossip either. Any more I ask myself, "What's your motivation?" or "What do you hope to accomplish?" 

Have there been times when I have over-shared? Oh, you bet! I learn from each and every time, too. It's a process. The thing is that there is hope for me yet because I have the guts to admit where I have fallen short. I can only control myself. (Thank goodness for that!)

God is not done with me yet and I'm getting to a place where I can move forward. 

"Through the Spirit, we become patient of others, even when provoked...Patience is spoken of in connection with humility, gentleness, forbearance, steadfastness, 'bearing with one another in love,' not repaying 'evil for evil,' but instead seeking that which is good for one another and for all men." ~Terry Johnson

This week's section was on Galatians 5:1-26. Love It! 

If you are interested in hearing our instructor speak on this section message me and I will share the link where you can listen in on this week's lesson. I'll bet you can go back and catch yourself up on all the lessons if you want. So far they are all very good, in my honest and humble opinion.


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