October 13, 2012

Have a Great Weekend Y'all

There's a saying out there that says when one door closes another door opens. That's so true. There are times when I prefer to stand out in the hallway. Sometimes it's safer that way.

I laughed so hard at all those Greek comedic videos I posted yesterday that my throat hurts today and I'm feeling great health-wise. I think I spent about 90 minutes on Mr. Panos' YouTube page watching as many videos I could get my hands on. He is a comedic genius.

The Texas Longhorns are getting their asses handed to them on a platter by OU today. It's not a pretty sight. I'd like to see them turn it around and come back. This is not good.

Don took the girls to our local homeless shelter to do a Saturday service project together. I think they got to play with some of the kids that are living at the shelter. They came home with a craft project. They said they want to go back and help out so I think that means they liked it.

I've been off the workout wagon for awhile. The desire to work out comes and goes. Sometimes I am on a workout roll and other times not-so-much. I try not to beat myself up over it. I'm not gaining weight so I can't complain.

Got a couple of projects completed around the house this last week. My front door is now a beautiful deep red color. I love it! The garage door has been painted the same color as the house and brand new white weather stripping went up yesterday so we are good to go! Now all we need to do is replace the outer door with a new one with white trip, knock out the old stair rails and the front of the house will be looking pretty snazzy next year. Now if I could get my garden to cooperate with me.

Not really sure what I will accomplish today. I got a lot of computer work done so far. I think I'll take a break and see what I can work on around the house today. I think the sun is trying to come out so I may have a chance to spend some time outside today. Have a great weekend y'all!

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