October 24, 2012

Growing Into Serenity

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. ~Mark Twain 

We have often heard that no one can make us miserable without our permission. A corollary of that idea is also true: No one or nothing can make us comfortable without our own approval.

Suppose every one of our wishes and dreams came true. Suddenly we have everything we always thought it would take to make us happy. Would that do it? Would our itch finally be scratched? Perhaps not. The fact is that it is something within, not treasures from without, that grants or withholds satisfaction. In other words, we usually need to "grow into" serenity. 

If the lottery winner hasn't grown enough to handle new wealth, that prize may turn out to be a curse. If a golden opportunity arrives before we are prepared for it, it's just another reason to get down on ourselves. And our dreams of love and romance can easily be short-term if we don't have the personal stability to hold up our end of a relationship. Readiness can't be faked or wished into being. More inner growth may be necessary before we're capable of receiving what we most want.

Working my daily program prepares me for whatever comes. 

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