October 3, 2012

Effects of Types on the Child: Prickly

The Prickly Self-Absorbed Parent

  • Compliant response: Compliant children who have a prickly narcissistic parent try hard to place and can be fearful of conflict. A child in this situation tends to be a perfectionist but feels like an imposter when she actually achieves or is complimented. She cringes at the slightest hint of criticism or blame, can be bullied, and tried to discern what is expected and comply. 
  • Rebellious response: When the response to the prickly parent is rebellious, the child is defiant, tends to be combative, and is over defensive in response to comments she perceives as critical. She tries to attack first as a defense, is not concerned with pleasing others, and does not recognize or accept support from others.

H/T: Children of the Self-Absorbed by Nina Brown, Ed.D., LPC

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