October 3, 2012

Effects of Types on the Child: Conniving

The Conniving Self-Absorbed Parent

  • Compliant response: The compliant response to a conniving narcissistic parent will have a facade of the false self. The child will be overly complimentary and ingratiating but also sneaky and loose with the truth. She can be easily seduced or coerced, is fearful of being rejected, and is anxious and never confident about what to expect.
  • Rebellious response: When the child's response to the conniving narcissistic parent is rebellious, she is wary of others, tending to mistrust their motives. She can be hard to get to know, as she is fearful of being coerced or seduced. She resents others trying to take advantage (or even the perception that this is happening) and is constantly on guard for others' hidden agendas. 

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