September 15, 2012

Stay away from Naysayers, Fools, Fast Talkers, Seducers, and Others who would nail our shoes to the floor.

This is too helpful to keep to myself. ♥

September 13

Beware no man more than thyself. ~Thomas Fuller

If we're serious about reconditioning our attitudes and thus our self-perception, we want to stack the odds in our favor as much as possible. For one thing, we should stay away from naysayers, fools, fast talkers, seducers~or any others who would nail our shoes to the floor when we want to move forward. It is a wise person indeed who knows who and what to avoid.

Yet it is also wise to remember that we ourselves are both our own best friend and worst enemy. Bad companions or not, no one can force us to do anything without our consent. Every day may bring dozens of invitations to cynicism, negativity, self-pity, stinking thinking~but we can turn them down. If we accept, however, we have only ourselves to blame. We opened the mail, after all; we picked up the phone.

Because of ignorance, jealousy, or fear, other people may throw rocks in our path. But the final analysis, WE are the ones with both the bad habits that need to be overcome and the power to overcome them. It is WE, not anyone else, who hold the key to all that power. ♥

I must be aware of the enemy within as well as the enemy without.

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